“Reflecting the latitudinally similar regions of California andthe Mediterranean, these designs blend botanical elements indigenous to each to create an original aesthetic”

Melding the inspiration of the field flowers of the California hillside with the subtropical ocean generates a “Cali/Mediterranean Vibe.” Creating this botanical chi vegetatively,  landscapers have been combining large subtropical Alocasia (elephant’s ears) with an assortment of field flowers and succulents in their container plantings for the last few seasons with much acclaim.

Cali/Mediterranean Vibe
Designed vegetatively, this composition interprets the way field flowers might take over an abandoned subtropical garden. In a landscape of Alocasia,sago palm and olive branches, the field flowers and wild vines “grow” invasively. Observing how plants grow is always the best option for inspiration. NOTE: This arrangement is designed in floral foam to maximize the height of the Alocasia leaves.


Abstract Design with Mediterranean Azure Blue Paint Strokes
The most gorgeous cut flowering Echeveria ‘Sea Dragon’ specimen will root in the wet floral foam in this design, which acts a growing medium. This living succulent is, for now, captured (stationary) inside the frozen frame of bleached Briza (quaking grass) while yarn-wrapped Midollino Sticks create energetic movement – collectively representing the contrasting dynamic and static stages of plant life. This type of botanical art may be described as “artfully expressing abstract concepts possible only with the temporary nature of botanicals.”.


Cali Plant Design
This design, evocative of the plant boom of the , is created with plant cuttings to appeal to today’s plant-crazy millennials. It’s the perfect crossover design between a flower arrangement and plants off ered in a flower shop. The plant cuttings may become rooted in the wet floral foam in this design – an extra attraction for plant lovers.