Welcome to another month of Creative Edge ‘Techniques’!! A tutorial feature on one of the techniques used in my monthly Creative Edge article! In this month’s video, I show my step by step process of cauterizing flowers to prepare them for use in flowers to wear!

I used this technique throughout all 3 pieces from this month’s Creative Edge article (available to view at https://www.hitomigilliam.com/creativeedge/august2020) and everything held up amazingly! I hope this helps in your own flowers to wear pieces!

Thanks again and keep on look out for future videos, including a FULL Start to Finish Tutorial of my ‘Sassy Modern’ Flower Pillbox Hat, coming this Wednesday!!

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This month’s Creative Edge content was photographed, filmed, and edited by Colin Gilliam:
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Music provided by Artlist (https://artlist.io)
Songs used in the video… ‘We Are Millenials’ – by Rex Banner ‘Brainstorm’ – by Rex Banner