As great as it is to hold a physical magazine in your hands, we at Florists’ Review understand that many people do most of their reading on their phones, tablets or computers these days, which is why we also offer a digital version of the magazine.

We recently started tracking the numbers for our digital flipbook and the results are sure to please advertisers. At last count, our June issue saw more than 43,643 unique people open the digital magazine, with readers spending an average of 7 minutes perusing the pages. Many of those users returned multiple times, accounting for more than 86,000 views.

Of those that visited the Florists’ Review website and discovered the digital edition, readers averaged about a half hour looking through the content. Conversely, those who came in through Instagram had a shorter attention span, spending about four minutes.

Other people discovered the flipbook through Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Facebook (mobile and regular), withe latter accounting for nearly 15,000 unique visitors. Those numbers are already starting to grow in July.

While the first few days of the digital issue’s release saw the most activity by far, readership continued throughout the month, keeping eyeballs on the content and ads regularly.

Florists’ Review is excited to provide this data and show how the digital magazine perfectly complements our upgraded print magazine and allows for a greater number of people reading about our industry, and throughout the world.

The digital magazine is expected to lead to more print subscriptions as readers get a feel for what our publication looks like and is also allowing more people to see the ads prominently displayed, the same way they are in print. That’s a win-win for us and our advertisers.

The digital magazine also allows our advertisers to add direct links to their website, or add digital content like videos directly to their ads. Pretty cool for a 123-year-old magazine!

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