Early this Summer, a wonderful idea was handed to us by a florist in Boston. She and many of her vendors were collaborating to learn from each other: How do you do a wedding with COVID looming? Small events? How do you change your marketing, customer meetings, and business in general?

The discussion culminated in a styled shoot where they took what they learned and put it into practice. Not only did it build her community, but it built collateral for when the vaccine does come (Which it will!)

Fascinating – and so wonderful, hopeful and community building. We loved the idea so much, we thought it should be the theme of the October issue!

I know as staff is being cut, companies are doing more with less, and small businesses are trying to survive. Community, collaboration and forward thinking are where small business owners need to go to find comfort and support.

As an advertiser, how can you take advantage of this content?

Show you’re still part of the conversation! And that you want to collaborate with them!

Advertising: Print, digital, web, social media – your options are limitless. Call us today to see how your messages can fit this wonderful theme.

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