And how you can too!

One of the ways that Florists’ Review can help companies reach a larger audience is through our sponsored content, which allows businesses to craft their own editorial (following our editorial guidelines of course!) and establishes their brand as the expert.

The most successful sponsored content provides useful value to readers, either by educating or entertaining, and in doing so, a company can position itself as an expert, or a major storytelling voice, in their field. The goal is to establish trust with customers so they can rely on a company’s information and products.

For example, FloraLife, a division of Smithers-Oasis, has taken advantage of the opportunity and has provided amazing content that our readers love.

Sharon Mikulinski, global marketing director of the Walterboro, S.C.-based company, notes when choosing content for the magazine, marketing first decides on a specific theme or topic, and then assigns the writing to the person most knowledgeable about that topic. They may even seek an expert externally if someone outside the company would have more insight.

“At FloraLife, educating our beloved floral industry is of utmost importance,” Mulklinski says. “Sharing is caring! We aim to impart a great deal of knowledge to their industry. We are strong believers that education is the best tool to help move the needle.”

For instance, Mulklinski recently wrote about how FloraLife D.C.D. Cleaner and FloraLife MicroBLOC Disinfectant act as effective EPA-registered antimicrobial cleaners and the value of sanitation products—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. READ HERE

“We can all agree that an educated consumer is a repeat purchaser, and a growing educated consumer base means a growing flower industry,” she says. “So, we are very grateful that Florists’ Review allows us to share the education (and the passion). Consumer education provides the answers and checks a crucial box in the marketing checklist: establishing your credibility and earning the consumers’ trust.”

Those at FloraLife have heard from many in the industry who have read the sponsored content and are grateful for the helpful information it provides. Many go on to share it with others.

“We are hoping that the Florists’ Review readers will be more educated as a result and hopefully more passionate about what they do,” she says. “We are hoping that this gained knowledge will help make a difference and grow our industry.”-

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