The vibrant depiction, packed with amazing floral imagery, details the journey of the Certified California Grown entries in the 2020 Rose Parade – the 130th edition. This year alone, 65 million people worldwide watched the parade and the dozens of flower-adorned floats as they made their way down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California.

But what does it take to create these entries? Where do the flowers come from? How do they make it from the flowers fields statewide to the decorating pavilions in Southern California? And what does it take for an entry to be earn California Grown certification?

“Field to Float” unpacks all of those questions, with details from California flower farmers, parade volunteers, floral designers and CCFC executives.

Watch “Field to Float” to connect with the beauty and bounty of California flowers, and to learn how the state’s flower farmers help make the Rose Parade come to life each year.