In just a few simple steps, you can create trendy DIY wall art to hang in your room. To create floral wall decor like this, first you need to gather some basic supplies. You’ll need a twig or stick, most likely found in your backyard, along with jute string, scissors, and an assortment of floral and greenery. Choose floral elements to coordinate with the season or your room’s curent decor. Or simply choose foliage and blooms that you enjoy! First cut various lengths of jute string, then tie them onto your stick. Once all the pieces of jute string are in place, you can begin tying on your floral elements. This is the fun part! Get creative with your design by varying the placement of floral and greenery from string to string. As you work across, make sure to trim any loose string ends or stems that seem too long. Once you’re done, find a blank wall in your room that needs some color and personality. Have fun!video