Carlos Muina is a renowned florist who is the Head Designer and Director of Petal Productions, a full-service floral design and event production company. Learn about his work on a Miami wedding with Rosaprima’s outstanding variety, RP Moab

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RosaPrima Florist Spotlight: Carlos Muina

25 April 2023

Our Florist Spotlight for this month features Carlos Muina, a renowned florist who is the Head Designer and Director of Petal Productions, a full-service floral design and event production company. 

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Carlos has built a reputation for creating unforgettable events, ranging from weddings and corporate events to product launches and private parties.

His experience, expertise, attention to detail, creative vision and exceptional service has inspired and delighted all his clients. Let’s dive into our conversation about his work in a Miami wedding with Rosaprima’s outstanding variety, RP Moab

Q: Describe your experience working with RP Moab. What are your favorite characteristics of this variety?

Trying to remember the first time I saw Moab, I can say I was instantly in love. The color is beyond spectacular, rich terra cotta, muted burnt orange, and, as it opens, a dusty peach. And as if the color wasn’t already enough, this rose has a big showy head that opens beautifully. The combo of those two things really makes RP Moab a showstopper every time we get to use it!

Q: Why was RP Moab the chosen variety for this event? What was the concept your team worked on for this wedding?

So ever since I first saw RP Moab, I pushed it on our sales/design team. They were all equally in love, and with color trends being in these dusty muted nudes, RP Moab was the perfect fit for that palette. Lauren Platt was the sales /designer for this wedding along with Guerdy Abraira, they really wanted to run with a specific color palette and just “Guerdify” it by taking it to the next level. 

The choice was to black out the room so that the flowers and colors would really pop. They also chose to limit most of the designs to a single rose per arrangement. RP Moab and Romantic Antike were the main roses and this really highlighted their beauty and color. 

Q: What did you like most about working on this wedding?

When speaking to Lauren about the design side, she was super excited that the client pretty much gave her carte blanche. The bride did not come with a mood or Pinterest board but really let Lauren and Guerdy fully develop the concept and feel for the event. 

From my end, let’s say it was a challenge sourcing the volume of flowers I needed. RP Moab was new on the market, so locking down the 5000 stems I needed became a challenge. I happened to be in Ecuador for the big Expoflores show. Rosaprima was there and their whole booth was MOAB!!!! It was amazing, so I basically cried and stamped my feet and begged Jena Gizerskiy, who was amazing and worked miracles for me! 

I love a challenge and I love building great relationships with our vendor partners. This wedding gave me an opportunity to build a great relationship with Rosaprima.

Q: How is it to work with such big event planners? How was your experience working with the renowned Guerdy Abraira?

Here at Petal, we have a wide range of incredible planners who trust us to do great work for them and their clients. Working with planners that are also heavily involved in the design of the overall event is always rewarding. 

I think one of the strengths we have is our ability to produce any vision these planners have and not be stuck in just one style. We work with Sky Productions with their over-the-top floral styles to Guerdy, where everything is Guerdified with her unique twist, to Lisi Korn with a more curated and cleaner palette, to Reena Goldberger, who is always pushing us to do new and interesting things. 

I love when planners bring a challenge to the design process. What’s also been great is having grown with these planners over the years, particularly with Guerdy, who has, of course, Skyrocketed to stardom with RHOM!

Q: In your opinion, what are the key aspects of Floral Design for a wedding?

Beyond all the regulars that everyone thinks of, Chuppa or ceremony structure, centerpieces and the bouquet, I think ceiling treatments are the biggest trend right now. I am a big believer in simpler, cleaner centerpieces but at the same time, having some big showstoppers in the room.

Q: Why do you think people are transitioning from the classic white rose to these more nuanced colors like RP Moab for weddings?

We do about 500 weddings a year, and about 50% of them are classic white. But nowadays, many brides are looking for something different from that classic wedding and have been trending toward these neutral tones. 

I think that this color palette is an evolution of the pampas-dried phase we have been in for a little bit now.  QuicksandMother of Pearl and now RP Moab are roses that match all the shades we were currently using. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Carlos’ work on this wedding. Make sure you follow him on social media. Contact us today to order Rosaprima exclusive and standard roses for your special day or event.