This versatile design provides myriad uses, functions and applications, and its crossover aesthetic makes it harmonious with a variety of décor styles 

Generous layers of beautiful organic ribbons, in neutral hues and diverse textures, are intricately woven among a seemingly chaotic bramble of wood skewers and cable-ties around the rim of a decorative brass-finish bowl. The ribbon treatment lends a boho-chic vibe to an otherwise contemporary transseasonal fall-to-winter expression.

Crisscrossing natural materials through an abstract “fretwork”-patterned bowl creates a base into which fresh flowers can be incorporated for special occasions, yet the decorative vessel remains equally interesting between floral applications.

This versatile design has many possible functions, including as a centerpiece, when placed horizontally on a table, and as wall or door décor, when placed vertically. You also can elevate the impact and style factor of this design by using longer lengths of ribbon.

Step 1

Create an organic structure around the rim of the bowl with the bamboo skewers by randomly crisscrossing them through the holes in the bowl and atop the rim. Secure them to each other and to the bowl with cable ties.

Step 2

Attach water tubes to the bamboo structure with cable ties – two per water tube, for stability and security.

Step 3

Trim ribbons to desired lengths to drape throughout the bamboo structure.

Step 4

Thread ribbons in generous layers throughout the bamboo structure, alternating textures and colors.

Step 5

Thread stems of pussy willows through the bamboo structure. The natural tension should suffice, but if necessary, secure them with cable ties. Place fresh botanicals into the water tubes, as desired.

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