With subtle touches of whimsy, this versatile component design idea is appropriate for virtually any occasion and any season of the year.

Floral designs and text by Jasmine Corzo Bath

Event designers, the next time you meet with a client who would like a beautiful and unique table setting for a wedding or other special occasion, offer them a green garden tablescape in pleasing neutral tones that is versatile, always in season and sure to impress. This quick and easy-to-create design, incorporating fun and versatile products from Melrose International, can be used for a variety of events throughout a year. 

Today’s floral designers have an overwhelming array of product options, but leading the way, with expert design and quality products, is Melrose. The company’s “2022 Home & Garden” catalog—viewable online at melroseintl.com/catalogs—features myriad collections of decorative accessories ranging from super sophisticated to fun and whimsical. 


Step 1: Design Your Tablescape Layout

Melrose International

When designing a tablescape, choose a few items in which flowers can be arranged, as well as accent pieces. Select one large container for a main centerpiece, and gradually scale down the pieces on either side to create a pleasing symmetrical or asymmetrical visual balance. Incorporating lanterns and candles adds beautiful lighting, ambience and interest to tablescapes.

Also, select a neutral color palette when choosing the accessories; this will enable you to use any colors of flowers, based on your clients’ requests, the occasion and seasonal availability. For this tablescape, I chose products in neutral green hues along with white flowers and gray-green foliages, to create a soothing, versatile and gardeny aesthetic.

Step 2: Create the Garland

Using three varying types of foliage (I used two species of Eucalyptus and olive tree foliage), create seven small bunches of six stems each, and bind at the bottom with florist wire, keeping the stems 8 to 10 inches in length. 

Next, using paper-covered wire as your lead line, wire the bunches, one after another, to the paper-covered wire with florist wire. Attach three bunches facing the same direction on the left; three on the right, facing the opposite direction; and one in the center.

Step 3: Prep the Centerpiece Container

To create the flower-arranging mechanic, form a “ball” of floral mesh grid or florist netting (chicken wire) the same diameter as the opening of Melrose’s Round Tub. Place the wire structure into the container, and secure it inside the container with waterproof tape. Fill the container with properly proportioned flower-food solution.

Step 4: Design the Main Centerpiece

Arrange stems of Hydrangea into the container, with slightly varying heights for dimension, to form the base of the design. The Hydrangea blooms should extend just beyond the rim of the container. 

Next, arrange stems of Alstroemeria among and above the base layer of Hydrangea, followed stems of the same foliages used to create the garland.

Step 5: Design the Smaller Pieces

Arrange flowers into smaller containers, for placement at either end of the table, using different blooms from those in the main centerpiece but in the same color scheme. I created quick “chop-and-drop” bouquets of Clarkia and Limonium for the snail containers. Design these dense, compact bouquets in your hand, cut all stems the same length as the height of the container opening, and then drop the stems into each container.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Make sure both sides extending from the main centerpiece are equally balanced. Then turn on the LED candles in the lanterns, as well as any others you may want to incorporate into the tablescape. 



• Hydrangea macrophylla (hortensia, French Hydrangea

• Alstroemeria aurea/A. aurantiaca (Peruvian lily, lily-of-the-Incas)

• Clarkia amoena (formerly Godetia amoena) (satin flower, farewell-to-spring)

• Limonium sinuatum (sea lavender, statice, wavy-leaf sea lavender, notch-leaf sea lavender)

• Eucalyptus cinerea (silver-dollar tree, mealy stringybark, argyle apple)

• Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’ (silver-leaved mountain gum)

• Olea europaea (olive)


• “Sanctuary Collection” Round Tub (11.5” x 8.25”, metal, 85210) from Melrose

• “Folk Life Collection” Snail Planter (7.25” x 7”, terra cotta, 85381) from Melrose

• “Clover Field Farms Collection Triple Gnome Stack” (5.25” x 11”, resin, 85437) from Melrose

• Lantern (11” and 15.75”, metal/glass, 46234) from Melrose

• Simplux LED Candle Exclusive (3.5” x 5.5”, wax/plastic, 82666) from Melrose

• OASIS Floral Mesh or OASIS Florist Netting

• OASIS Bind Wire

• OASIS Florist Wire

• OASIS® Waterproof Tape