I visited London’s New Covent Garden Market, and it was a stunning sight.

The market has been around for hundreds of years and still supplies flowers and produce to local businesses.

Since the flower market opens at 4 a.m., I arrived and left before the sun was up.

If you’ve ever seen “My Fair Lady,” you’re likely familiar with London’s world-famous New Covent Garden Market, the place Audrey Hepburn’s character buys the “flahers” she sells on the street every morning.

The market is like something out of a dream, with flowers spilling out of every corner, vendors loudly bargaining, and roses making everything smell magnificent. But unlike many magical places in films, this flower retailer is very real.

Formally established in 1670, the market’s presence has been felt at British weddings , birthdays, and funerals for hundreds of years. The market moved from Covent Garden to Battersea in 1974 due to lack of space, but its flowers, fruits, and vegetables are still shipped all over the country.

Best of all, it’s open to the public and filled with Instagrammable flower walls and stunning floral props.

Read on to see what the market is like as soon as it opens. The flower market is open from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday to Saturday, so I knew I was in for an early start

New Covent Garden Market I was keen to have the most authentic experience possible, so I set my alarm for long before the sunrise.

The flowers are shipped into the UK overnight, so the early bird gets the worm. The sooner you arrive, the more choices you’ll have. The market is easy to find if you watch for the delivery trucks

New Covent Garden Market Located on a main road next to Battersea’s power station and close to the Thames, the market was marked by an endless flow of delivery trucks coming in and out of it.

It was still dark when I arrived, so the neon sign was a welcome pointer that I was in the right place. I chose to visit on a Monday, since that’s when British flowers are sold. The outside of the New Covent Garden Market is unsurprisingly industrial-looking

New Covent Garden Market Flowers being unloaded, ready to take inside. This isn’t a commercial florist that needs to attract customers by looking pretty” it’s a working market that’s already famous worldwide and a popular site for traders. It’s also where many London restaurants source their flowers and produce and where local florists buy their stems and greenery to turn into thoughtful arrangements. However, the stacks of Christmas trees and flower displays outside of the pedestrian entrance made it clear where I was New Covent Garden Market There were seasonal flower displays showing off the market’s wares. After admiring the displays, I walked through the door and into the market proper. The first thing that hit me was the temperature New Covent Garden…