Rio Roses shared digital marketing ideas for your online floral business. One tip for bringing more customers to your website is to turn up the holiday cheer by making holiday themed landing pages. The faster you get your digital marketing going, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits that will make this a very Merry Christmas indeed!

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Yes, Christmas is almost here — and it’s time to get busy with your holiday marketing. With a few simple tips, you can tap into the Christmas spirit (and Christmas dollars) to bring customers to your website. To help you, the following are nine proven digital marketing ideas for your online floral business.

1. Update Your Company Logo 

An easy way to start your holiday season is to add a festive touch to your logo. You don’t have to go over the top here; you have plenty of ways to say, “We’re ready to provide your Christmas flowers,” with a bit of artwork. Think of adding some snow or a string of Christmas lights, or play around with colors like red, green, and white. Online design apps like Canva make it easy to update your logo by uploading it and adding the design of your choice.

2. Create Christmas-themed Landing Pages 

Once you’ve decided on your Christmas arrangements and promotions, design landing pages to target holiday shoppers and increase your sales. You can create separate landing pages for each promotion or have one featuring all your Christmas promotions, whichever works best for you. It’s a straightforward process if you already have a landing page template built into your website. If not, then you can find plenty of landing page builders online.

3. Design Christmas Email Sign-up Forms 

Create a Christmas-themed popup on your website to collect email addresses. If you already have an email sign-up form as part of your marketing, add a Christmas touch to it using the same images you have on your logo and landing pages. Plus, add a coupon offer to your sign-up form to increase both your email list and your sales.

4. Add Christmas E-mail Subject Lines 

To increase your open rate, start focusing your emails on Christmas sales and promotions as soon after Thanksgiving as possible. Adding a Christmas emoji to your subject line can make it stand out in your readers’ inboxes. Of course, segment your email lists to offer the right promotions to potential customers. If you can also personalize the emails, that’s a plus; personalized, targeted emails are proven to have better open rates and generate more revenue.

5. Offer Free Delivery 

Free shipping or delivery is always a big incentive to get people to click the “buy” button in their shopping cart, especially at Christmas when they’re hit with many offers from many businesses. If you can offer free delivery with all your holiday orders, do it. However, you can also offer it once a customer reaches a specific price point, incentivizing them to add to their purchases — and making it more profitable for you.

6. Offer a Christmas Gift Guide 

Make it easy for customers to choose flowers this Christmas by offering a Christmas Gift Guide on your website. It’s also an excellent tool for cross-promotion since you can feature the guide on social media posts, emails, and blog posts. Make sure the gift guide includes direct links to each featured product, so it’s simple for customers to order and check out.

7. Have a Holiday Giveaway 

Contests and giveaways are always terrific for creating more engagement, and Christmas is a fantastic time for these. For example, you can run a 12 Days of Christmas contest, where participants have a chance to win a prize each day. This also allows you to feature the contest winners each day on your social media feeds, which will attract even more attention. Don’t forget to ask participants to tag your shop in their contest entries to create more brand awareness.

8. Run Paid Ads on Google and Social Media 

Christmas is the perfect time to invest in online advertising since everyone’s in shopping mode. So, in addition to the organic content that you’ll be posting daily, consider running paid ads for your holiday promotions on Facebook or Instagram. If you have the budget for Google ads, run these as well. These ads will get your products in front of more of your target customers, increasing your overall sales.

9. Make the Most of “Christmas Cookies” with Remarketing 

When running paid ads online, focus your efforts on remarketing to customers who viewed your website or landing page but didn’t buy. So many people will be browsing through floral websites this Christmas, so take advantage of your website cookies by sending targeted ads to them to remind them about your promotions or tell them about new savings. This may bring them back to your site to purchase the items they were looking at.

Now that you have a few simple steps to share your promotions and bring people to your website, it’s time to act. The faster you get your digital marketing going, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits that will make this a very Merry Christmas indeed!