The great minds of the women who contributed to building society are a diverse and powerful mix. Alexandra Farms celebrates International Women’s Day and the great, hardworking and influential women of the world.

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International Women’s Day: A Day Full of Color

March 8th is International Women’s Day—an occasion when women’s achievements, discoveries and efforts are highlighted in the search for equal opportunity in work and politics and equal consideration in family and community. It is a day to celebrate women among the bright minds that brought forward the development of today’s society.

To some, the connection between highlighting women’s achievements and flowers may not be very evident, but this is why it’s important: the great minds of the women who contributed to building society are a diverse and powerful mix. We have learned to recognize the importance of the presence of women in all kinds of relationships, in workspaces and in the family; with this, we are also able to see the hardships it has historically entailed to be a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a head-of-household mother, and many other things that women do and can now aspire to be.

The flowers we grow are diverse, as well. Many of our garden rose varieties have women’s names, which is why it’s easy and fun to associate them with all kinds of personalities, also taking into account their colors, shapes and even fragrances. To help commemorate the great, hardworking and influential women that we look up to at Alexandra Farms, we designed this piece:

garden rose design

This bright and festive explosion of flowers embodies what we hope you take away this Women’s Day; we want to embolden and empower, and we want to SEE the greatness of the women in the floral industry.

The bright pinks of Ashley and Hybrid Pink Quartz bring out fun-loving femininity. A seemingly traditional color doesn’t have to undermine how great and complex it is to be a woman, as represented by a layered, hardy rose and a sharp-petaled dahlia. These flowers represent a sense of shamelessness, boldness, and daring without casting aside elegance. They are the perfect pair to create an inspiring presence, an alluring force, and a classic feel.

Catalina stands out as sunshine in a cup. Her bright yellow petals offer an extroverted nature and a warm and happy addition to a floral design. She’s endearing and has an air of assertiveness, demanding undivided attention, popping against anything she’s paired with. Catalina fits harmoniously in this arrangement, even as striking as she is, coupled tightly with violet delphinium, Sky Blue Tweedia, fresh green duranta and blue didiscus. She pairs the romance we always seek in our garden roses with her own unique color. In this instance, she represents confidence and warmth.

women on the farm

Finally, yet another star in this show is the unique and delicate Princess Aiko. Although she dances between a soft pink, a peach tone and a warm yellow in her colors making her a one-of-a-kind type of rose, she’s often shy as she rarely reveals her center. Princess Aiko is shaped in what we call a “globular cup,” reminiscent of a cabbage rose. What’s so special about her is that you can never predict exactly what you’ll get when she blooms. Often times she showcases little sprinkles and streaks of bright pink and coral on her outer petals, as if they were sequins on a dress. Her inner petals are wrapped around the center and open last in a layered, round manner, but her edges are soft, rich and warm. Of all of our roses, she’s one of the most multidimensional in terms of shape and color. Perfectly proper and classic but always unpredictably lovely.

With these fine examples of our flower repertoire, we want to give the women reading this a very important message for this day: don’t be afraid to be seen. We all find a flower that best represents us, and we want that flower to shine in its utmost true beauty. To all of the hardworking, smart, special, fun and bright women – Happy International Women’s Day!