Garden Media Group’s “2024 Garden Trends Report”

The 2024 report showcases seven trends for the floriculture and horticulture industries to note

By Garden Media Group

For more than two decades, Garden Media Group has been at the forefront of identifying and shaping trends within the green industry. The company’s insights, encapsulated in its “2024 Garden Trends Report: ECO-OPTIMISM,” highlight the horticulture industry’s unique capacity to address eco-anxiety among the 1.2 billion environmentally conscious youths.

Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group, emphasizes the role of social media in educating and engaging the younger generation. “Social media platforms are pivotal in enabling younger generations to understand and contribute to their communities,” Dubow notes. “As leaders in the industry, it’s our responsibility to nurture these young eco-conscious minds and help them find their niche within our vibrant sector.”

The “2024 Garden Trends Report” introduces a novel approach to exploring trends, featuring seven unique personas: Digital, Bold, Enchanting, Eclectic, Elevated, Hopeful and Punchy. Readers can identify with a persona that mirrors their styles, leading them to trends that resonate personally. This interactive method allows for a more tailored exploration, with the freedom to delve into various trends as desired.

Dubow explains the intention behind this innovative approach: “We aimed to craft a dynamic experience with this report, where individuals engage with trends that align with their aesthetics. By presenting these seven personas, we offer our readers a custom-tailored journey rich in inspiration and discovery.”

plant display

Here are the seven pivotal trends set to shape the future of the florist and horticulture industries in 2024, as identified by Garden Media Group.

1. Sustainable Floristry for Gen Z

The “Zoom Out” trend (digital, influential, humble) shares how Generation Z—those between the ages of 12 and 27 in 2024—with their $300 billion spending power, is heavily inclined toward sustainability. The garden industry needs to focus on eco-friendly practices such as using more natural products and accessories, minimizing plastic, and going energy-efficient. Communicate sustainable measures to your customers, emphasizing how they contribute to a greener planet. This approach aligns with the values of Gen Z consumers, nearly three-fourths (73 percent) of whom are willing to pay more and wait longer for sustainable products.

2. Floral Futurism

Embrace the trend of “Hortifuturism” (bold, forward, bright) in your flower and plant arrangements. Floral futurism intertwines cutting-edge technology and innovative botanical practices with traditional floristry. This approach helps make your design stand out and captivate the imagination of your customers. Adopt minimalist, avant-garde design aesthetics; feature metallic and geometric elements; create floral art that intersects with digital, light and artistic installations; and draw inspiration from futuristic or celestial themes, like the Lunar Lights™ ‘Sterling Moon’ hybrid Begonia from Southern Living Plant Collection (

Lunar Lights Begonia hybrid ‘Sterling Moon’
Photo: Southern Living Plant Collection

3. Gothic Floristry

The popularity of dark foliage and goth-inspired flowers is surging, as evidenced in the trend, “Delight in the Dark” (enchanting, viral, goth). Mirrored in social media trends like #gothgarden, #victoriangardens and #halloweengardens, this trend is popular year-round, not just at Halloween. Incorporate plants with darker hues, blood-red flowers and even dried accessories into your flower and plant designs. These dramatic items will set your offerings apart and appeal to a trendy, style-conscious market.

4. Bug-themed Décor

With a rising interest in supporting pollinators, the “Bugging Out” trend (eclectic, natural, beneficial) is flying off shelves. This trend aligns with a broader movement toward nature-inspired designs and can be particularly appealing to those looking for something unique and ecologically themed in their flower and plant choices. Gain an edge by offering native selections of flowers and by creatively using bug motifs, such as bees, butterflies and dragonflies in arrangements. Try delicately placing artificial insects among the blooms or integrating patterns and textures in designs that mimic insect forms. Choose accessories and décor items adorned with insect motifs—such as vases, ribbons, flower wraps, tape and bug picks—to offer a whimsical and nature-inspired aesthetic. It’s a playful yet elegant way to celebrate the often-overlooked beauty of insects, adding an unexpected and conversation-starting element to flower and plant designs.

glass butterfly accents

5. Vertical Gardening for Urban Spaces

By 2050, 89 percent of people will live in urban areas, so there’s a growing interest in plants for small spaces and vertical gardening. As a florist, focus on the “Hanging in There” trend (elevated, lush, defined) in plants and décor that can be hung, mounted or used in containers, especially plants that drape or climb. Remember new edible offerings, such as ‘Midnight Cascade’ and ‘Sapphire Cascade’ blueberry plants from Bushel and Berry® (, which allow more places to plant and cater to those with limited space.

hanging plant

6. Eco-positive Gardening

Cater to the sustainability-focused and community-centered mindsets of Generations X, Y (Millennial) and Z—those between the ages of 12 and 59 in 2024—in the “Nature Calls” trend (hopeful, inspired, vital). Create community in your stores, adjust your practices to be more planet friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. This approach resonates with a growing demographic concerned about environmental impact.

7. Cyber Lime

Bright, vibrant Cyber Lime is the year’s plant and garden “Color of the Year” trend (punchy, vivid, powerful). This electrifying color can be found in so many varieties and types of plants that you have no excuse not to offer something in the palette. Just look at annuals, perennials, shrubs and even grasses, such as ‘Queeny Lime with Blotch’ Zinnia from Floragran (; ‘Sophistica® Lime Green’ Petunia from Park Seed (; Wedding Gown™ Hydrangea from Bloomables® (; ‘Gold Standard’ Hosta from Southern Growers (; ‘Carnival Limeade’ Heuchera and ‘All Gold’ Japanese forest grass from Jackson & Perkins; and ‘Lemon-Lime’ Nandina and ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum from Sunset Plant Collection ( and the aforementioned Southern Living Plant Collection. There are also “Cyber Lime”-leaved houseplants, such as ‘Chameleon’ ZZ plants; ‘Lemon Meringue’ pothos; and ‘Painted Lady’, ‘Golden Violin’ and ‘Golden Crocodile’ Philodendron from Costa Farms (

lime colored zinnias

“Floristry is not just about creating beautiful arrangements; it’s also about making a positive impact on the environment and connecting with the community,” emphasizes Dubow. “The ‘2024 Garden Trends Report’ highlights how florists can become advocates for eco-friendly practices and inspire positive change from within their shops and studios. It will be fascinating to see how these trends encourage florists to think creatively, engage with their communities and contribute to a sustainable planet.”

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