First Impressions

 We’ve all heard about the importance of first impressions. We learn about it early on in life, and it runs true for every interaction you have with anyone else.

Think about the first time you met a close friend or a well-liked employee. They had certain qualities that made you trust them, want to hang around them more, and just keep them close. It really sets the tone in a relationship! The same is true in a consultation. The client finds you either through your Instagram, online work, or through a great referral, and then they want to meet. They are excited to see if who they have in their mind is actually who they meet in a consultation. Ahh, that all familiar “first impression.” It really sets the tone for the rest of the sales and execution process. Small talk, commonalities, and then their special day.

Here’s where it matters most to both of you: do you get the vision the client is going for? And if you do, how do you show that? You know you and your work are both GREAT, but you want to make sure the client knows it as well. Whether it’s your brand, detailed organization, or incorporating their ideas into your style. It’s all important, especially when it comes to meeting a new potential client! After all, you really do have one shot at that “first impression.”

You both dive into their vision for the event, the (potentially overly pinned) Pinterest board and then you pull out the pen and paper and start writing out all the ideas. Hopefully you catch all the details. Hopefully you capture the vision. Hopefully you can present the vision in the form of your work. And hopefully that first impression really pays off.

Whether you build the proposal on the spot or your send it to her after the consult, you’re making a first impression that sets the foundation for the entire sales and execution process. And you definitely want to set that relationship up for success!

But when the bride lays down that night, do they feel at ease? Did you really sell the vision, yourself, and that amazingly, special event? What does she flash back to in her mind? That proposal. That memorable, creatively captured, beautifully organized, set-their-mind-at-ease proposal. What did that proposal look like and what is the first impression?

Proposals as beautiful as your arrangements

Florists all over the world are setting the right first (and lasting) impressions, booking clients quicker than ever with interactive, beautiful proposals that truly reflect and capture the clients expectations. It’s soon approaching 2020, and avoiding a terrible pun on 2020 vision, it really is important to give a visual experience that clients can interact with. Whether it’s interacting with a proposal that includes an uploaded Pinterest board, or even interacting with pictures, paying and signing within a single screen, clients are expecting a modern and tailored, visual experience.

The floral industry is pulling away from deciphering chicken-scratch, consultation notes and putting together dynamic and interactive proposals that truly capture the client’s vision. Curate, the only end-to-end proposal creating tool is doing just that. It helps florists create quick digital proposals that are beautiful and accurate, right in the consultation!

Oh, and Curate even has an entire backend for a seamless execution of your events!!

Not only can a client leave your consultation knowing exactly what to expect, but they can also lay down at night knowing that they have no need to worry. You have truly captured the vision for their amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event!

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Every business is different, and we love chatting with florists every day to explore how they can save time and money with some of the solutions that Curate has to offer. Schedule a consultation to see how Curate can help with your proposals and increase your bookings for your weddings and events!

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