“Fabulous floral exhibition adds magical beauty to Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden.”

On a crisp evening last November, as the moon rose and was reflected in Lake Zither, 20 of the most accomplished floral designers and teams from the United States and China went head to head and design to design, in the sixth annual “Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase.

“The Rain” designed by Jeri Barr and Carolyn Catron, of Bella Blooms Floral in Sherwood, Ore.

“The Maiden Hair Tree” designed by Chuck Schomaker, of Old Town Florist in Portland, Ore.

Robin Boedecker (left) and Vito Corradino, of Fernwood Floral Co., in Augusta, Ga., first-place winners of the “Jury’s Choice Award,” with Leanne Kesler, AIFD, PFCI

Held in the pavilions of Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Ore., this highly anticipated design competition tested the imaginations of the artists as they created stunning displays – all of which featured the Chrysanthemum, one of China’s most culturally significant flowers.
Lan Su Chinese Garden and Portland’s Floral Design Institute presented this three-day exhibition as part of Lan Su’s annual “Mumvember” celebration. The event was created to highlight, to a general public audience, the brilliance and special beauty of floral art. A garden visitor was overheard saying, “This beats the grocery store mum bouquet! Who knew flowers could be made to look this way?” Judges of the floral competition were:
Carolyn Alter of the Ohara School of Ikebana in Portland
Rachel Burlington of Portland’s International Rose Test Garden
Wesley Younie of Pomarius Nursery in Portland
Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs in Arlington, Wash.

The featured floral designer during the Friday “Premiere Evening” was Gina Thresher, AIFD, EMC, of From the Ground Up Floral in Kent, Wash. Gina is also the vice-president for the North West Regional Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD).
In addition to competing in the floral competition, Chuck Schomaker; Garrett Skupinski, CF; Michelle Dummer, AIFD; Annie Chen, AIFD; Frank Blanchard, AIFD; and Linda Golaszewski presented demonstrations to garden visitors. “Our guests love this component of the weekend, and this sharing of talent does much to boost our attendance,” noted Scott Steele, Lan Su’s director of Marketing and Communications.
“The quality of the designs this year were unparalleled,” said Leanne Kesler, AIFD, PFCI, of Floral Design Institute. “Designers traveled great distances to participate and enjoy each other in this inspirational setting. On to Ninth Moon 2020!”



1ST PLACE: Robin Boedecker and Vito Corradino, Fernwood Floral Co., for “Moon Flight”
2ND PLACE: Jeri Barr and Carolyn Catron, Bella Blooms Floral, for “The Rain
3RD PLACE: Chuck Schomaker, Old Town Florist, for “The Maiden Hair Tree”


1ST PLACE: Jeri Barr and Carolyn Catron, Bella Blooms Floral, for “The Rain
2ND PLACE: Annie Chen, AIFD, and Kirstin Garber, Floral Sunshine, for “A Bird with No Answers”
3RD PLACE: Josef Reiter, Botanica Floral Design, for “Round”


Annie Chen, AIFD, and Kirstin Garber, Floral Sunshine, for “A Bird with No Answers”


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Benjamin Auth; Spark Floral & Design; Portland, Ore. Jeri Barr and Carolyn Catron; Bella Bloom Florals Sherwood, Ore.
Frank Blanchard, AIFD; Think Flowers Media; Portland, Ore. Robin Boedecker and Vito Corradino; Fernwood Floral Co. Augusta, Ga.
Thomasi Boselawa, CFD; Tiare Floral Design Studio Ruston, Wash.
Annie Chen, AIFD, and Kirstin Garber; Floral Sunshine Portland, Ore.
Michelle Dummer, AIFD; Chelle Floral Design; Portland, Ore. Linda Golaszewski; Rooms in Bloom by The Planning Group Portland, Ore.
Ellen Hansen; Mindful Flowers; Portland, Ore.
Michelle Koeppe; Bee Trade Flowers; Dundee, Ore.
Greg Lum, AIFD, EMC; Flowers Indeed!; San Francisco, Calif.
Thang Ngo, Tango Florist
Coree Ryan, Zupan’s Market; Portland, Ore.
Josef Reiter; Botanica Floral Design; Portland, Ore.
Chuck Schomaker; Old Town Florist; Portland, Ore.
Garrett Skupinski, CF; Floral.today/Floral Reach St. Louis, Mo.
Tamara Szarowski and Kenzie Martin; TJS Designs Vancouver, Wash.
Yingjuan Wang, AIFD; Florescence Portland, Ore. and Shanghai, China
Red Williams; Red’s Creations; Gresham, Ore.
Erik Witcraft, AIFD; Zupan’s Market; Portland, Ore.