“The Texas State Florists’ Association crowned the 2019 “Texas Designer of the Year” in a spectacular manner at the Texas State Capital.” 

It may have seemed like any ordinary day at the Texas State Capitol, but for five of Texas State Florists’ Association (TSFA)’s finest floral designers, Feb. 20, 2019 was anything but ordinary.

The scene was rather chaotic as busy legislators, lobbyists and staffers bolted back and forth across the rotunda, weaving among tour groups and other tourists who were taking in the majestic atmosphere of the seat of Texas government.

Just before noon, the chaos was interrupted as a small army of TSFA volunteers placed five elegant design stations precisely between the five points of a Texas star that graces the terrazzo floor of the rotunda.

When the flowers were revealed, the pace of the room slowed significantly, with many lingering for the entire hour-long competition to see the designs completed. It was a dramatic setting for the climax of the 2019 “Texas Designer of the Year Competition.” Chaired by Coby Neal, AIFD, PFCI, who was the 2018 winner, the competition provided extended opportunities for the competitors and for TSFA.

The “Interpretive Design Category,” designed at the Capitol, followed the two design rounds staged the previous day at the new TSFA office in Leander, Texas. The level of creativity was inspiring to all who were present during the one hour scheduled for this competitive round. Several wives of current and former Texas Senators were amazed at what they saw.

Enthusiasm was at its peak when Neal made the announcement. Congratulations 2019 Texas Designer of the Year Richard Ace Berry, AIFD, TMF! Berry stepped up to join Second Place Overall Winner Michael McCarthy, AIFD, and Third Place Overall Winner Abel Gonzalez-Mencio, CFD, TMF. All agreed that it was not just an ordinary kind of day! .