“I love wine, wonderful food, a great location and interesting people, but for me, it’s not a party without the flowers!”

I was recently invited to high tea by one of my wonderful editors, Jane DeMarco. She and her husband Ray graciously hosted us at their home for a traditional afternoon tea service. Jane served savory recipes including a variety of finger sandwiches and a batch of scones with clotted cream and jam. The attention to detail was remarkable, and the afternoon was delightful.
While Jane never ceases to surprise and delight me with her sharp wit and wonderful hosting skills, it was her simple approach to flowers that really surprised me. A small bouquet on the food table, and a few yellow tulips gently swirled in a glass bowl on another table. These small touches of flowers brought the party to life in a very simple yet elegant way. It takes only a few flowers, thoughtfully placed, to create a truly elegant experience.
I know that many florists operate shops that don’t have large corporate clients with large party budgets. But that shouldn’t discourage you from doing party work. Creating simple, elegant flowers can earn you loyal customers that will come back again and again for weddings, sympathy and everyday flowers.
In this issue, our editors sifted through hundreds of images to bring you party ideas in a range of budgets. Being creative even with small budgets will open doors. Let’s face it: Your customers talk to each other, and they are your best sales tool. Create something beautiful (and profitable), and your business will get attention.
Take ideas from the big guys and scale them to your customers. Take small ideas and expand on them. Never say your customers don’t have the budgets. The only thing you limit by saying that is your business. And never forget to share your creative ideas on social media.
I hope this issue inspires you with party designs and solid business ideas to help you grow your party business!

Travis Rigby, publisher
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