Parisian-Inspired Flower Shop/Cafe “Sips + Stems” To Open

Anna Colomb

Parisian-Inspired Flower Shop/Cafe “Sips + Stems” To Open

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Anna Katherine Colomb’s latest project is TCB High Point Sip + Stems, a flower shop/coffee shop at 473 High Point Terrace. 

She hopes to have it open by June.Colomb currently operates TCB Events.

“We are a green floristry and wedding business here in Memphis,” Colomb said. “We’ve just gotten to the point where it’s time to open our first brick-and-mortar store.”

Colomb, who has connections to High Point Terrace via High Point Pizza, noticed that the shopping center had no coffee shop.

TCB High Point Sip + Stems will occupy a space in the back of the center in two bays in the breezeway.

Colomb’s vision for the business is very French. She pictures a Parisian flower shop with a French cafe.

“It will be very clean and white and a lot of beautiful florals [everywhere],” she said. “We’re going to do an awning-style pop-out window on the cafe shop side so that you can sit indoor/outdoor at our bar top.”

The shop will sell jewelry and local arts, and she’ll run her wedding/event business from there. The cafe will have a bar with frozen drinks and will feature Memphis’ first champagne vending machine. It will also offer treats from Two Girls and a Whip, plus vegan and gluten-free items. The cafe will serve traditional coffee drinks, such as French press.

Colomb said she plans to hold anti-racism workshops out of the shop. Her vision is for the greater good.

“We’re just really excited to teach people from the beginning that you can structure a business to be for your employees,” she said. “You can pay a living wage, and that success and profitability is not dictated by capitalism alone. It is dictated by the immediate nature of how you treat the people that work for you.”

Colomb said she saw the High Point Terrace shopping center as something of a throwback.

“That neighborhood is so enormously supportive of that little shopping strip. That comes from a culture of the 1950s and the ’60s, where you would have had those kinds of little strips supported by the neighborhoods immediately surrounding them,” she said. “In the advent of big box stores, obviously, that culture of supporting the super uber-local business has kind of gone out of the window. The High Point Terrace neighborhood has never lost that — they never fell out of touch with that hyper local, business-supporting kind of culture. So, I just knew it was a good place to be because of the neighborhood culture and the neighborhood support of that mom-and-pop local environment. I said I would be a fool not to come here.”

shop interior

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