“As a floral design style, the hedgerow offers great versatility in both form, function and botanical choice.”

The American hedgerow – an iconic form of rural landscaping that comprises native trees (deciduous and coniferous), shrubs and bushes, grasses, flowers, and vines planted in a long, narrow arrangement – has found its way into urban landscaping and even floral design. Early rural hedgerows, the primary purpose of which was to delineate property lines and separate crop fields, also offered myriad benefits to humans, animals and crops, including shelter, protection from the elements, food (fruits, berries and nuts), timber – and beauty.

Fill a narrow rectangular container with floral foam soaked in flower-food solution. Arrange pieces of red-osier dogwood branches into the floral foam, around all sides of the container.

Lay birch branches atop the floral foam and spilling over the edges of the container, to create a “thicket.”

Arrange stems of laurustinus into the floral foam intermittently around the perimeter of the container. Add a few branches into the center of the container.

Arrange stems of grape hyacinths into the floral foam, in groups of two or three, primarily around the perimeter of the container.

Arrange parrot tulips low in the container and throughout the design. Make sure the tulips face “forward” (toward the edges of the container).

Arrange roses vertically into the design, above all the other botanicals, to establish the “tree line” of the hedgerow design. Finish with sprigs of English ivy throughout the base of the design as a vining material.

It’s helpful to keep in mind the original functions of hedgerows when creating this style of floral design, as John Regan, M.F.A., Ph.D., of Twisted Stem Floral in Crystal Lake, Ill., did when curating the materials for this composition. Birch and dogwood branches provide the woody elements, grape hyacinths depict berry clusters, and parrot tulips and Suntory Flowers’ unique ‘Applause’ roses amplify the beauty in this thoughtful arrangement.
The long and narrow form of hedgerow designs makes them especially versatile, enabling them to function not only as centerpieces and mantelpieces but also as décor for hotels, offices, events and more.
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