Carving out time for creativity, mental and physical health, and your business: This issue is perfect to kick off 2019, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Not only is it beautiful and packed with amazing, luscious floral images, it’s also filled with great ideas on how to find more creativity by being better to yourself. Let’s face it: As business owners and floral designers, we rarely put ourselves first.

And that’s OK. We have big dreams and big plans, and we want to push ourselves to create them. Why not? We have the vision, the energy and the drive to make it happen, right? Just be careful you don’t push too hard. Our experts warn that creativity flows from a healthy mind and body.

We all know we can push ourselves a bit too hard. We pull all-nighters and then don’t eat right. We push through lunch and forget to take it. Yoga becomes a should-have-done-it, and who in the world has time to take a walk? I know; I struggle with the same demands on my time, too.

In our push to build our big dreams, we short-circuit our bodies, our minds and our creativity by not taking care of our physical, spiritual and financial selves. Don‘t make that mistake! Take the time to build your plan and execute it carefully with a strategy for taking care of yourself built in.

So yes, take that spa day. Take a long walk. Take a long weekend! Find your inspiration walking at the mall or chatting with friends – whatever gives you joy and lets you recreate. Time letting your mind wander and your spirit soar are hours best spent. Even better, let yourself giggle with friends over a glass of wine. Whatever makes you happy is the most important thing right now. If that’s work, great, but make sure you get some downtime mixed in.

Time is our most precious commodity, so use it wisely. Take advantage of some of our experts’ sage advice on how to get the most from your life, your business and your creativity.

After all, life is short, and while we all want a successful business, true wealth is measured in health and the good friends with whom we share it. Here’s to a successful and healthy new year!
Travis Rigby, publisher

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