How far have you got through Netflix’s outlandish gardening competition, The Big Flower Fight ?

If, like us, you made short work of the eight-part series then you will already know that the show’s winners were the blooming excellent contestants Andrew and Ryan.

Andrew is a photographic artist and Ryan is a fashion curator, so their victory was something of a surprise, given they were competing against florists and horticultural experts. caught up with the pair to discuss their win, imposter syndrome and how work is going on their prize design…

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Andrew: It’s very bizarre. In some of the judging they’d come over and say, “You’ve done a really wonderful job with the Carex there,” and we would look at each other not even knowing which flowers they were referring to! There was a little bit of that imposter syndrome because Ryan and I were constantly thinking about colour and texture rather than the plants themselves.

Ryan: We were on a very steep learning curve. I would be so terrified my planting wouldn’t be up to par with the judges, I started to panic, but then I just realised that you just need to trust yourself and your vision.When I first walked into the competition a bouquet of flowers just looked like a colourful bouquet, but now I see form, shape and texture and my horizons have broadened about what flowers are. While we had basically no experience of floristry or gardening, we are creative people and able to think quickly. It’s a phenomenal feeling to win. Was there a turning point where you started to feel more confident?

Andrew: Yes, I think when we won the throne challenge – we worked super hard to get that one, it was a real passion project and when we won we realised our creativity was valid in the competition. Then after that the sculptures generally kept going well and didn’t fall apart!

Ryan: I think both our styles were really complementary to the competition – Andrew kept coming up with these really brilliant ideas and I was just able to execute them. Whenever there was a time constraint or a lack of materials, we just kept thinking creatively and would not stop working. I had to emotionally lean on Andrew and I think it was overwhelming at times, but the challenges where we felt like there was no end in sight were the ones we did best in! How did you get on with the other teams, behind the scenes?

Andrew: We developed a really good relationship with them, they all had their own specialisms and we’d talk roughly about our ideas without giving them away, it was a real creative hive. The night before each elimination we’d all go […]