By Nita Robertson AIFD, CFD

The personal experience from a florist from Ukraine who used flowers to create a moment of peace by creating a floral installation in Lviv. She created a floral display around a piano where a local pianist played by the railway station in Lviv on March 14th. Flowers and music created love and unity at a much needed time.

“My name is Anastasia. I’m 29 years old, I have two sons and I’m from Lviv, Ukraine. I am a main (senior) florist for a large chain of stores. We have many stores throughout Ukraine. More than 40.  I am happy to be a florist. And I love flowers!

This war has united us as a nation.  We have never loved each other as much as now! We never thought that the whole world would support us! We are grateful to everyone.

On March 14, together with a great local pianist, we held an action near the railway station in Lviv. We created a flower installation around the piano. It symbolizes our country.  Blooming. Generous. Diverse. But wonderful. And most importantly peaceful. When we finished work, a woman approached me. She asked: Is the war over? Did you decorate the station with flowers for this? It hurt me to answer. But I promised her that when the war is over, we will definitely give many flowers to each other.” shared Anastasia.