Danziger MUMs assortment and innovative breeding will be presented at Danziger’s Open Days, August 24th -29th (week 35), in Antioquia, Colombia.

Different studies show that flowers are a powerful inducer of positive emotions. Living in an environment surrounded by flowers or just buying or receiving flowers have a significant impact on our dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin levels that cause the body to feel excited and full of energy, relieving stress and making people feel happier and thankful. “This was the foundation for building our new strategic chrysanthemum portfolio” says Uri Goldstein, Danziger Colombia CEO.

“Global Covid-19 epidemic only made that insight more relevant and we felt that flowers can add natural joy to people’s life in such times” adds Uri. The Chrysanthemum market is one of the largest cut flower market and with a very wide array of colors, shapes and textures. Danziger is one of the leading breeders of MUMs with the well-known ATLANTIS® series especially in Colombia, the main exporter of MUMS to the North American market. “We felt that this is the right time to talk about the positive emotional affect that can help people in these challenging times” says Uri Goldstein.

As a part of the new portfolio strategy, Danziger divided their MUMs assortment into 7 different collections, each one of them expressing some kind of emotion that will evoke in people when receiving or buying flowers:

1. AMOR™ – Fall in love with her heart– giving flowers is one of the most common and beautiful expressions of love, that is why flowers are one of the most popular love gestures in the world. AMOR will be the collection name for all Daisy type mums in the Danziger assortment. “We chose to call our Daisy collection AMOR because of the sun- shape flower with a yellow or green center and its petals around the center, creating a bond between them as strong as AMOR” says Ana Maria Ramirez, Commercial Manager Danziger Colombia. “we will introduce a new commercial bright yellow variety under the name AMOR™ AMARILLA with a short cycle, an amazing green canter, a good number of flowers and multi petals. It was one of the top 5 most popular varieties that were selected in last year’s Open House and therefore it is introduced as one of the promising commercial varieties now” adds Ana.

2. PASIÓN™- Petal by petal – flowers are sensual and even related to temptation, flowers with strong colors, large blooms or scent are a sign for extravagant fondness or desire. “Our Cushion collection will be named PASSION because they are the largest chrysanthemums, with strong stems and many petals. They are outstanding in every way and hence they are ideal for expressing an intense emotion such as passion” says Ana Maria Ramirez. Danziger will present a few new commercial varieties in the PASIÓN/Cushion collection, one of them is a white variety with a green center it has a low LD requirement, a fast cycle, no pinking and it tints well. The variety’s name is PASIÓN™ DE VAINILLA.

3. EMPATÍA™- Empathy is all we need – the ability to show simple affection and consideration with a little effort, empathy and solidarity are one of today’s emerging needs and we believe they are crucial for our wellbeing. “Empathy is the ability to see from the eyes of another, that is why our Anemone collection was chosen to express that emotion. Anemones are beautiful flowers that actually combine a Daisy type with the Cushion type. We trust that the ability to combine them is a sign of natural empathy and that being so, our Anemone mums are perfect in that sense” says Ana Maria Ramirez. A new introduction of EMPATÍA/ Anemone collection will be the EMPATÍA™ FESTIVA with a shiny color, green center, outstanding vase life and more than one whorl of petals.

4. ESPERANZA™ –Give a flower, give hope – the striking natural colors of flowers and their ability to grow again and again are a true symbol for hope. Nature can always inspire us with its beauty and strength and make us feel more optimistic and filled with liveliness. “The ESPERANZA collection introduces a new and innovative kind of MUMs to the market, with its multi-petals natural look. We see them as a symbol for new creation and natural hope” says Ana Maria Ramirez. One of the most attractive varieties in the ESPERANZA collection is a shiny red colored variety, very uniform, with more than 10 flowers on one stem, thick stems and more than 2 whorls of petals. The name of the variety is ESPERANZA™ ESCARLATA and it had grabbed a lot of attention in last year’s Open Days event.

5. FELICIDAD™ – Happiness comes with flowers- joy and delight are stated in flowers and that is why they act as the best décor for most life’s happiest moments. “Danziger Button type mums will be called FELICIDAD since they are small, beautiful flowers that evoke sweetness and tenderness, exactly like those little details that fill life with happiness.

6. ENERGÍA™ – Feel the power of flowers – we have all sorts of different sources for energy in our life, being surrounded by flowers and plants can perform also as a source of good natural energy. “Danziger’s Santini MUMs will be the ENERGIA collection with their special appearance as a prototype of a miniature sun, that reflects in their round blooms, small stems and many flowers. Just like the sun, the ENERGÍA collection will be perfect for recharging energy anywhere” says Ana Maria Ramirez. This is the first commercial year for Danziger ENERGÍA/ Santini collection with eight new varieties including a stunning new pink variety, named ENERGÍA™ BLUSHED. It is characterized with uniform growth, a good number of flowers and an attractive color.

7. INSPIRACION™- Inspiration to bloom – being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially think out of the box and evoke creativity. Flowers have so many creative usages and they are a source of inspiration to a lot of artist, florists and designers. “We thought the mums that best express creativity and INSPIRACION are our spider MUMs collection, due to their thin and elongated petals that make this chrysanthemum so attractive and original. This unique appearance is what differentiates them from all other flowers and make them a source of inspiration” says Ana Maria Ramirez.

The new MUMs portfolio strategy can be reflected throughout the value chain’s different levels, from breeding, growing, bouquet-designing, retail display and up to the end consumer. Emotions are relevant and can be expressed in many ways to inspire each component, “We have developed also retail packages that can help drive more demand for flowers and that are more relevant than ever in these challenging days” says Uri Goldstein, Danziger Colombia CEO.

The new MUMS assortment will be presented at Danziger’s “Open-Days” event at its site in Vereda Pontezuela, Antioquia, starting August 24th and up until the 29th. During this week, growers, buyers, designers and florists will be able to explore a myriad portfolio of chrysanthemums and emotions. This year, because of traveling restrictions the event will be also broadcast on digital platforms, so stay tuned for more information or register here.

About Danziger Colombia
Danziger’s Colombia production site focuses on research and development, providing new varieties specifically targeted to the American consumer. The state-of-the-art facilities provide elite stock to growers.

About Danziger
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