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WFFSA 2021 hosted at Trump National Doral Miami was a resounding success! The flowers were plentiful and the people glowed with optimism. After the roller coaster “bust and boom” ride of the past year, everyone in attendance seems happy to be moving forward. The event lived up to the mottos #StrongerTogether and #BetterThanEver! Molly and her team did an outstanding job!

Margaret, our Marketing Coordinator, and I could not have received a kinder welcome. There is so much love for the Florists’ Review brands; it’s incredible. 

Some of our favorite installations were by BallSB – the golf cart was social media gold, and the Sunflower Goldie Double is gorgeous! NatuFlora wowed us all with their gigantic roses – breathtaking. Florequisa ‘s booth was one of my personal favorites – the rainbow doorway and baby’s breath dress were very creative! We also loved the bench and archway by Golden Flowers.

Oasis Floral introduced exciting new products: the TerraBrick, which looks like actual dirt, and FibreFloral Foam made from volcanic rock- way cool. We support all moves towards sustainability!

The flowers, of course, the star of the show, were gorgeous! I loved the unusual flowers and foliage offered by Sole Farms and Kendall Farms. Mellano and Company, Valley Springs, and Sun Valley had impressive selections and displays. We just love the guys over at Cal Flowers– looking forward to seeing you in San Diego at your convention next year!

And the award for best swag and swanky after-party goes to the entrepreneur girl wonder, Corrine Heck with Details Flowers. Her bridal software is cutting edge, and her Ivanka suite was the perfect setting for a fun-filled After-After Party.

We hope you enjoy our galleries below. Virtual hugs and kisses to all; we look forward to seeing you soon!


Jules Lewis Gibson, President, Florists’ Review

Margaret McCampbell, Marketing Coordinator, Florists’ Review

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