Despite winter’s notoriously biting cold winds and slippery highways, the aesthetics of winter conjure images of crystalline icicles, fairytale snowflakes falling gracefully life the inside of a snowglobe, and gorgeous furs and wool bundled over bodies to keep warm. In short, winter is magic. And yet, choosing flowers for a winter occasion can feel like a difficult task. It may seem like everything plant around you is dead, trees haven’t had leaves in months, and the sight of a sunflower is just out of place. When you want to decorate a venue, put together a bouquet, or even just brighten up your home, the winter months can feel like a daunting time to bring flowers into the picture., it can take some imagination to envision what flowers to choose from that feel seasonally appropriate. Additionally, buying flowers out of season is usually expensive and time-consuming as you will likely have to get them delivered from out of state. The good news is that at least in cold climates, the winter season creates a stark white and grey backdrop so that the vibrancy of your choice of flowers can really stand out. You can use the calm and desolate landscape of winter to highlight your floral arrangements, elevating your gathering to an elegant affair. During the holiday season, you may want to play on the cheery spirit in the air by bringing in flowers that conjure the nostalgia of the holidays. You can use hypericum berries, a plant that looks similar to mistletoe, as a centerpiece. Fill out the arrangement and complete the decor by complementing the hypericum berries with pine or eucalyptus. You can also play on the traditional colors of the holiday season by adding a pop of a red flower to your greenery. Choose red ranunculus’, which […]