Aspiring actor-turned-Unlikely Florist Spencer Falls Courtesy Spencer Falls Spencer Falls was a long way from home as an aspiring actor in Hollywood. The New Zealand native found that the entertainment scene in Los Angeles left him feeling unfulfilled creatively, and he began arranging flowers and selling bouquets from his 1980 Volkswagen van in Venice Beach. Falls, 30, now owns his business, The Unlikely Florist, and has more than 31,000 followers on Instagram , where he showcases reclaimed wood in his arrangements and uses his flowers as “unlikely” garnishes in cocktails. Falls designs floral arrangements for weddings and events, but he also offers readymade arrangements on his website, which range from $75 to $180, or flower subscriptions that start at $45 for a bi-weekly subscription. He also creates bespoke “floralierre” lighting fixtures with plant materials, which start at $1,000. He is known for his organic, overgrown designs, including a moody wall of roses that graced Kim Kardashian’s cover of Vogue India in 2018. Falls, who is working as a partner with Tanqueray gin to create botanical cocktail recipes, spoke with Penta about his favorite places and things. My favorite neighborhood in the world is… I’d have to say Venice Beach. It’s the neighborhood I know the best, the one that has taught me the most and I’m so grateful to its community for the support it’s shown me as I’ve taken on this venture, albeit accidentally. The one thing in my kitchen I can’t live without is… probably my cast iron pan. I can sauté with it and roast with it, and it only gets better with time. I always travel with… overalls are key, many pockets, my Olympus film camera, a notebook, some headphones, and a stash of various sunnies. My favorite scent is… that’s a difficult one. I […]

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