This article explores fourteen holiday plants to offer your customers. Winter blooms make a statement and add holiday cheer to the home and office. While some plants and flowers won’t last beyond the new year, some can survive and thrive. Read more to learn more about holiday plant favorites for the season.

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14 Best Christmas Plants and Flowers to Make the Holidays Merry and Bright

One whiff of these traditional blooms will instantly put you in the holiday spirit.

BY KARLA POPE Nov 16, 2021

If you’re wanting to spruce up your space this holiday season or are looking for a unique Christmas gift to give, consider this roundup of eye-catching Christmas plants and pretty flowers our present to you. Whether you’re planning a party, hosting an intimate family gathering or simply want to transform your home into a festive oasis, no decor during the “most wonderful time of the year” is complete without Mother Nature’s floral presents to add a bit of natural flair. 

Not only do these winter blooms make a bold statement, but they also emit scents that unlock nostalgia and create aromas that fill homes with undeniable warmth. While some plants and flowers won’t last beyond the new year, some can survive and thrive. 

“Poinsettias and cyclamens can be kept well after the holidays have passed,” says Brandi Eide, deputy CEO and senior director of Horticulture and Facilities at the San Diego Botanic Garden. “Both plants require bright, indirect light, good drainage, and consistently moist soil.” While extending their lifespan is possible, proper care is essential to keep them blooming throughout the season and beyond. “Remove decorative outer wrappers that can keep soil wet and lead to rot,” Eide adds. “Keep water off leaves by watering from below.” 

Admittedly, not all Christmas plants and flowers are as easy to care for. If your green thumb is subpar and you’re better off with faux greenery this holiday season, that’s fine. We also have to warn that some of these plants can be toxic to pets, especially cats and dogs. It’s best to keep your Christmas flowers and plants in a separate, closed-off room until the holiday party starts if you’re afraid your furry friend might nibble at them.

Christmas Cactus

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. This winter-flowering plant is easy to care for as it is beautiful. Plus, it propagates easily too. If you want more blooms (who doesn’t?) exposure to sunlight works wonders. However, it will adapt in low light environments, as well. If you do desire a bounty of blooms, just be sure not to place it in direct light for long periods of time as it can burn its leaves.


Nothing says Christmas quite like a poinsettia. Its large, vibrant scarlet-hued blooms and lush green leaves set the tone for the cheery holiday season. Great for gifts, this gorgeous indoor plant thrives in bright, indirect light. As a rule of thumb, water if the topsoil feels dry to prevent rot caused by oversaturated roots.


Most known for its candy cane-like red and white flowers, this striking centerpiece is sure to garner glances from guests this holiday season. Plus, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. After the blooming season ends, it will sprout anew, if properly stored in a cool and dark place.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Looking for a chic plant to add pizzazz to your space? Look no further than this stylish plant, commonly known as the moth orchid. Place on a tabletop near the window so it gets indirect sunlight and watch its long, curved branches sprout bright flowers all season long.


Short on space but still want the appeal of a Christmas tree? Turn this small aromatic plant into a focal point with a thoughtful trim and, of course, glittering holiday trimmings.


Kiss boring plants goodbye and grab a bushel of mistletoe to add a playful, yet festive flair to your space. Often associated with love and fertility, the plant is typically placed above a doorway and decorated with a bow.


Deck the halls! This quintessential holiday plant is virtually synonymous with Christmas foliage. The tiny, crimson-colored berries standout against the spiky glossy leaves, creating a breathtaking design that’s as intricate as a snowflake — making them ideal for wreaths.


Elegant and delightful, its delicate white petals and tall stems can add a calming vibe to any abode. Be sure to place it in indirect light and check soil moisture daily.

Winter Honeysuckle

This sweet-smelling shrub will transform your winter garden. Burgeoning with snowy white petals that emit a delightful springlike fragrance, this flowering bush brightens long, cold winters.


This visually appealing plant gives off warm, tropical vibes all-year-round. Low maintenance, it boasts multi-colored leaves that may twist and curl creating unique, eye-catching shapes. Give this evergreen some TLC by treating it to bright, indirect light and regular, moderate watering to keep it vibrant and healthy.

Norfolk Pine

Even though these “pines” make adorable mini-Christmas trees, they last long after all the eggnog has been drunk and presents have been opened. Simply mist weekly or bring out the humidifier to keep these truly tropical plants flourishing well into the new year.


This sunlight and humidity-loving plant delivers on traditional holiday aesthetics. Its unique red, heart-shaped spathes and rich, green leaves, scream Christmas. Perfect for beginners, this plant requires minimal care and will flower for months at a time.


Elevate your holiday decor with this easy-to-care-for houseplant. Keep in mind that too little or too much watering can harm this perennial. For optimal flowering, be sure to monitor its moisture level and ensure its pot has good drainage.

Christmas Tree

When it comes to scents of the season, Christmas tree aromas reign supreme. Bring a prickly Balsam, Douglas or Fraser fir home and treat your senses all season long. Don’t forget to adorn the fragrant evergreen with candy canes to satisfy your sweet cravings.