Our choices for the most exciting florists across North America and U.S. Territories for 2022.

By Tonneli Grüetter

When discussing the monumental task of determining the 125 most exciting florists across North America and U.S. Territories, in celebration of Florists’ Review’s 125th year in print, we knew a challenge was ahead. Before we could start researching florists and floral designers, we first had to set some parameters. What types of florists should we count on our list, and how should we rate them? 

More than a century ago when our magazine started, this answer would have been simple: We acknowledge them based on their sales volume. However, in 2022, things aren’t so simple. Over the past 125 years, a lot has changed, and our floral community has grown stronger, more innovative, more diverse and even more beautiful. The modern field of floristry is a beautiful tapestry of many colors, with no two threads quite like another. Long gone are the days of business monoculture. So, we asked ourselves, “Would we be rating florists by average customer review, number of awards, official certifications? Or perhaps by genre?” We also asked ourselves, “Should we be counting only brick-and-mortar flower shops? What about studio florists, farmer-florists, floral educators, etc.?”

After asking these important questions, we knew the answers. In an industry so beautifully diverse, there could be no perfect score system, and to leave out any category of florist because it didn’t perfectly fit into the box of what a professional florist’s business model once looked like would be a disservice to our community. So, instead of rating the top florists in North America, we bring you this compendium of “125 Florists to Be Celebrated.” Counted in these ranks are luxury event florists, historic multigeneration flower shops, farmer-florists and more. You will find pillars of our community, including not only long-celebrated flower businesses but also young entrepreneurs making a big splash. We believe that these 125 flower businesses and floral artists are the best and brightest stars in our industry in 2022.