Our annual spotlight on artists who are delivering innovative performances on the global stage with flowers.

By Tonneli Grüetter

It is with great excitement we share our curation of rising “International Design Stars” for 2024. Each year, we prepare this feature with great hope and enthusiasm. It is our hope that by staying up to date on the latest flower design styles of the best floral artists around the world, you may be inspired to push the boundaries in your own creative practice.

This year’s coterie of rising flower design luminaries from around the globe includes designers who we believe are forging the latest trends. The flower arrangements and installations imagined and created by these international designers are important because they help to shape and define far-reaching aesthetics and chronicle current shifts in culture and society, including in the U.S. When a particular trend takes hold across multiple regions and countries, it can create a sense of connection and shared experiences among tastemakers and consumers around the world. With our medium—flowers—we can participate in these connections and experiences.

wedding reception
Addy Florales-Bea De la Roca
Photo by Adriana Rivera Miranda


Lea Romanowski, CAFA, CAFD, AIFD, CFEJ, the visionary behind Designing on the Edge in Calgary, Alta., Canada, is a floral designer whose career in floristry spans more than four decades. With more than 20 years of experience as a floral design teacher, Lea’s expertise and passion for her craft flow in abundance from every arrangement she creates. Her career in floristry began serendipitously, when a temporary gig at her boyfriend’s family flower shop blossomed into a lifelong calling, where Lea found solace and fulfillment in building beautiful structures with flowers, akin to a botanical architect. For Lea, floral design is more than just a profession; it’s a medium through which she can tell stories, evoke emotions and bring joy to others.

In addition to the traditional sales of flowers for holidays, Lea notes the increasing popularity of flowers as a weekly indulgence, reflecting a growing appreciation for floral aesthetics in everyday life. Despite economic fluctuations affecting flower budgets for weddings, events and sympathy, Lea’s business remains primarily special-event driven. Collaborating with other creative artists, her specialty is creating immersive experiences using flowers and plants.

Throughout her illustrious career, Lea has amassed numerous accolades, including serving as Assistant Floral Coordinator at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and contributing to The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences “JUNO Awards” ceremonies on multiple occasions. She shares, though, that nothing can top the honor of representing Canada at the prestigious 2023 Interflora World Cup in Manchester, England.

Lea’s advice for aspiring floral designers is to remain open to learning opportunities, seek mentors who provide constructive feedback, and cherish the expedition of growth and discovery as paid artists. Her enduring passion for floral design serves as inspiration to aspiring designers worldwide to embrace creativity and pursue their dreams with unwavering dedication.

modern couture shoulder design
Design by Lea Romanowski-Photo by Jared Heynen Photography


Beatriz (Bea) De la Roca, the talented Guatemalan floral designer behind the Addy Florales weddings and events design company in Guatemala City, brings eight years of experience and a deep-rooted passion for floral artistry to her craft. Growing up immersed in her mother’s flower shop, Beatriz was captivated by the beauty and creativity of working with flowers from a young age. While pursuing studies in architecture, she found herself increasingly drawn to the world of design, eventually redirecting her focus to breathe new life into her mother’s shop, with an emphasis on weddings. This transition marked the beginning of Beatriz’s career as a professional floral designer, blending her architectural background with her innate talent for flower arrangement to create stunning and memorable wedding experiences.

In Guatemalan culture, flowers play a significant role in both celebratory and somber occasions, serving as expressions of love, joy and remembrance and shaping the aesthetic and emotional landscape of various events. For Beatriz, floral design is not just a profession but also a cherished tradition passed down through generations, where each arrangement carries personal meaning and cultural significance. Her work reflects a deep understanding of Guatemala’s rich floral heritage and a commitment to infusing every creation with beauty, elegance and emotion.

Beatriz’s proudest moments as a floral designer are marked by recognition and validation of her talent and dedication. From participating in prestigious events like The Knot’s “Influencers Gathering” in Antigua, Guatemala, to winning “Favorite Floral Design” in the 2021 “Choice Awards” of the esteemed wedding blog Junebug Weddings, Beatriz’s achievements have placed her work on an international stage. Despite facing initial challenges in gaining recognition for her country’s flower industry, Beatriz’s perseverance and commitment to excellence have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers and clients alike. Her advice to aspiring floral designers reflects her ethos of passion, persistence and collaboration, encouraging newcomers to find joy in the creative process, remain consistent in their efforts, and foster a supportive community of fellow artisans to fuel inspiration and growth.

Addy Florales- Bea De la Roca-Photo by Daniel Lopez Perez


Buenos Aires floral studio Heredera del Sol, helmed by designer duo Solange Rizzo and Andrey Manoylov, represents a dynamic partnership in the Argentinian floral design scene. With Andrey boasting more than a decade as a floral designer and Solange bringing her graphic design background to the table, their collaboration intertwines artistic vision with technical expertise. Their foray into floral design is marked by opportune encounters and a shared passion for creativity. For Andrey, it was a fascination with orchids that sparked his love affair with floral artistry, and for Solange, it was her graphic design studies that provided her with a deeper understanding of visual composition. Together, they found synergy and embarked on a shared venture, infusing their work with innovation and artistic expression.

In contemporary urban Argentinian culture, the role of floral design is undergoing a transformative shift. Traditionally, flower arrangements adhered to structured patterns and conventional aesthetics; however, a burgeoning appreciation for creativity and artistry is reshaping floral design. Despite limitations in access to a wide variety of flower types, Solange and Andrey leverage their creativity to craft unique designs. Collaboration has become a cornerstone of this evolution, with talented florists coming together to plan and create large-scale projects, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared artistic vision.

As mentors and advocates for the floral arts, Solange and Andrey offer advice to aspiring floral designers. Emphasizing the importance of creative freedom and experimentation, they encourage newcomers to break free from rigid design structures and explore their artistic instincts. By fostering a spirit of authenticity in their artistic expression, Solange and Andrey inspire a new generation of florists to embrace their creativity and pursue their dreams in the world of floral design.

lady in a floral installation
Heredera del Sol, Art Director: Alma Sevilla, for spotify featuring Julieta Rada.


Dutch floral designer and educator Mike Boerma, a floristry teacher at the Boerma Instituut International Floral Design School Holland in Aalsmeer—which was founded by his grandfather, Theo Boerma—epitomizes a generational dedication to floral artistry and education. Descended from five generations of florists and three generations of floristry educators, Mike’s journey into floristry was not predetermined but, rather, eventually realized. Initially drawn toward graphic design, Mike’s disillusionment with the limitations of the field led him to explore other avenues. It was during his involvement with his family’s flower design school that Mike found his true passion, realizing that it offered the creative freedom he craved. Immersed in the art of floral design, Mike pursued advanced education and eventually began teaching, to share his—and his family’s—expertise with others.

Flowers are deeply woven into the fabric of everyday life in the Netherlands. Despite the country’s reputation for frugality, the Dutch prioritize the beauty and symbolism of flowers, making them essential elements of both personal and communal expression.

Mike’s career has been marked by moments of personal and professional fulfillment, from achieving prestigious certifications to witnessing the impact of his teachings on students around the world. Emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and mentorship, Mike encourages aspiring floral designers to seek inspiration from seasoned professionals and embrace opportunities for growth. This year, he is expanding the Boerma Instituut’s reach of floral design education to the United States, bringing its renowned Professional Dutch Floral Design Program (DFD) to Philadelphia, Pa., in early fall.

Mike Boerma -Dutch Garden floral design
Mike Boerma


Carolin Ruggaber, a German flower artist based in Berlin, brings a distinctive approach to the world of floral design, shaped by a lifetime of exploration and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of flowers. From a young age, when she crafted bouquets from flowers picked in her grandmother’s garden, Carolin knew her purpose in life was to find a place in the flowers. Her entry into the arena of professional floral design began at her hometown flower shop, an experience that instilled in her a sense of resilience and determination. However, it was her subsequent world travels and experiences, including an especially formative time spent in Melbourne, Australia, that profoundly influenced her artistic perspective.

Floral design plays a significant role in German culture, and for Carolin, it is about more than just arranging flowers; it is about creating immersive experiences that evoke emotion and atmosphere. Rejecting traditional norms, Carolin views floristry as a means of shaping the entire ambiance of a space, considering factors such as architecture and mood to craft compositions that transcend conventional boundaries. Her work challenges the notion of what floral design can be, pushing the limits of creativity and innovation to redefine the art form.

Carolin’s proudest moments as a floral designer stem from the profound impact that flowers have on people. Her advice to aspiring floral designers reflects her own ethos of continual exploration and growth, encouraging them to remain curious and committed to their craft. With a spirit of curiosity and a dedication to pushing boundaries, Carolin continues to inspire and captivate with her visionary approach to floral artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design.

modern design in orange and blue
Carolin Ruggaber
Hanging installation in green tones
Carolin Ruggabe


Based in Limassol, a city on the southern coast of Cyprus, Anastasia Fainberg—a versatile botanical artist whose work spans visual art and physical installations—has emerged as a rising star in the contemporary art world. With a keen eye for natural beauty and a passion for exploration, Anastasia’s entry into floral design began organically through her travels and encounters with diverse flora around the world. Initially focusing on product photography of various domestic objects, Anastasia’s artistic vision evolved when she found herself immersed in the abundant flora of nature, leading her to incorporate flowers, stones, branches and fruits into her photographic compositions. This shift marked her foray into the realm of floral design, where she seamlessly blends natural elements with artistic expression.

When asked to define her practice, Anastasia shares, “I don’t adhere to the traditional role of a florist; rather, I specialize in creating installations and visual compositions using flowers, fruits and vegetables. Bouquet-making isn’t my focus; I prefer to explore the artistic possibilities of these natural elements in unique and unconventional ways. What appeals to me most about my floral work is its ephemeral and transient essence. When I create a sculpture for the opening of an exhibition, it’s understood that the audience will likely experience it for only one evening, and I find immense value in this fleeting moment. It presents an opportunity to appreciate what is bound to slip away.”

In Anastasia’s botanical photography, she plays with classical floral design influences such as ikebana—the Japanese art of flower arranging that emphasizes harmony, balance and minimalism—creating striking compositions that evoke a sense of tranquility and elegance. Through her art, Anastasia pays homage to the timeless allure of flowers as symbols of life, growth and renewal, capturing their ephemeral beauty in evocative images that resonate with viewers on a profound level.

For Anastasia, fresh flowers serve as more than just decorative elements; they are cherished muses that inspire her creative process and fuel her artistic expression. With a deep appreciation for the natural world and its intricate beauty, she approaches floral design with reverence and respect, allowing the inherent qualities of each flower to guide her artistic vision.

Anastasia encourages inspiring floral designers who are inspired by her work to embrace their individuality, explore diverse influences, and experiment with various techniques and materials. “By staying true to themselves and following their passions, they can unlock their unique creative potential and make meaningful contributions to the world of floral design,” she says.

modern floral design- simple
Anastasia Fainberg

Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Katya (Katerina) and Damir, the creative duo behind Oh, My Borsch! in the Russian Federation Republic of Tatarstan, have cultivated their passion for floral design into a thriving business over the span of six years. As a married couple with a shared love for creative endeavors, Katya and Damir’s floral pilgrimage began organically, when Damir gifted Katya a bouquet, which she reimagined in her own unique style. From that moment, the couple’s hobby blossomed into a full-fledged passion, leading them to open their own workshop in 2018 and embark on a creative path that has garnered attention both locally and globally.

In Tatarstan, where customs and traditions are intricately intertwined with flowers, Katya and Damir’s work plays a significant role in enhancing celebrations and special moments. “Many customs are closely intertwined with flowers,” the couple explains. “They are gifted at birth or to see one off into their last journey. There is never a party without flowers, a lot of holidays, as well as the well-known flower game of ‘He loves me, he loves me not.’” With a keen understanding of their cultural context, Katya and Damir infuse their designs with a sense of tradition while also offering innovative creations that captivate their clients.

The couple’s proudest moments as floral designers stem from their ability to bring joy and creativity to their clients’ lives. Katya and Damir create bespoke designs for each recipient, ensuring that every client receives a personalized and memorable experience. Their commitment to exceeding expectations and infusing their designs with unexpected twists has earned them the trust and admiration of their clientele. As mentors to aspiring floral designers, Katya and Damir encourage others to chase their dreams, surround themselves with beauty and seek inspiration from masters who resonate with their vision. With their boundless creativity and dedication to their craft, Katya and Damir inspire and uplift both their clients and fellow floral enthusiasts alike.

Oh my Borch colorful floral design
Oh my Borch


Rupal Chandaria and Arti Doshi, the talented floral artists behind Flowers, Naturally … Beyond Ordinary in Nairobi, have transformed their passion for flowers into an extraordinary artistic practice that transcends ordinary arrangements. With a combined experience of 15 years in working with flowers, Rupal, a qualified optometrist, and Arti, a qualified accountant, have honed their craft to create stunning works of floral art. Their connection began with a shared enthusiasm for floral design, which led them to explore the boundless possibilities of flower arranging through their passion-project business, which they founded in 2019.

During their partnership, Rupal and Arti’s dedication to their craft has been recognized with numerous national and international awards, recognizing their commitment to technical design. They have garnered acclaim for their bespoke masterpieces, including wearable flower hats, tops and botanical jewelry, which they craft with passion and creativity. Those awards constitute their proudest moments as flower artists.

As seasoned designers and businesswomen, Rupal and Arti’s advice to aspiring floral designers is to “work through passion.” Their excursion serves as a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s creative passions wholeheartedly and inspires others to do the same.

Flowers Naturally Gertrude Gatwiri Vibe Productions
Flowers Naturally- Gertrude Gatwiri- Vibe Productions
modern floral desing
Flowers Naturally-Spathe

South Africa

Bridget Mojalefa, the luminary behind Kagisho Catering & Décor and Flora’s Flower Haven in Pretoria, has carved an illustrious career spanning more than 15 years. Initially hesitant to delve into floristry, Bridget’s odyssey was catalyzed by a mentor’s suggestion to explore the field. While juggling a full-time job at Coca-Cola and Kagisho Catering as her passion project, Bridget enrolled in a floral design course in 2008, initially viewing it as a supplementary skill. However, in 2016, when a freelancer florist disappointed her, she discovered her innate talent and passion for floral artistry. Since then, she has never looked back, harnessing her creativity and honing her skills through floral design workshops and hands-on experience.

In South Africa, flowers play a pivotal role in various cultural gatherings and celebrations, setting the tone for life’s most important moments. Bridget and her team are at the forefront of this cultural tradition, crafting exquisite flower arrangements that reflect the essence of each occasion. With creativity and expertise, they transform flowers into captivating works of art that evoke emotions and leave lasting impressions.

Bridget’s proudest moment as a floral designer came when she was summoned to Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland), to create floral magnificence for King Mswati III’s “Double 55” celebration in 2023. This high-profile event, celebrating the country’s 55 years of independence from the U.K. and King Mswati III 55th birthday, was attended by dignitaries and royalty from around the world and showcased Bridget’s exceptional talent on an international stage.

Her advice for aspiring floral designers echoes her own journey of self-discovery and perseverance: “Embrace each day as an opportunity to learn and grow, and let passion be the driving force behind your creative endeavors.” Through dedication and a willingness to explore new horizons, Bridget has built a flourishing flower empire that captivates audiences worldwide.

table garland with lush flowers
Kagisho Catering @boltworksmedia


Floral artist Tamara Beatrice Jonah-Goka, the trailblazer behind Blossom Fresh Flowers and Lionheart Events in Accra, Ghana, has been bringing the beauty of fresh blooms to her region for a decade. Fifteen years ago, Tamara noticed a void in Ghana’s event-planning scene. While artificial flowers were prevalent, Tamara’s discerning clients sought authentic beauty that only fresh flowers can provide. Recognizing this unmet need, Tamara founded Blossom Fresh Flowers to provide captivating fresh flower arrangements and floral décor.

Tamara understands the importance of incorporating distinctive, exotic blooms to create arrangements that reflect the vibrancy and spirit of her community. From elaborate wedding bouquets bursting with color to serene lilies honoring loved ones, flowers play a vital role in expressing emotions and commemorating life’s special moments in Ghana.

Tamara’s proudest moments as a floral designer stem from the impact she has on her community. While the sight of a vibrant bouquet or a delicate lily may bring fleeting joy, it’s the quiet moments of connection and gratitude that resonate most deeply with her. Hosting her first workshop and witnessing the spark of creativity ignite in others was a transformative experience for Tamara, highlighting the power of sharing knowledge and inspiring others.

Her advice for aspiring floral designers echoes her own peregrination of continuous learning and growth, emphasizing the endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity in the world of floral design. Through her passion and dedication, Tamara is creating an indelible mark on Accra’s culture and traditions, spreading joy and beauty one bouquet at a time.

Blossom Fresh reception design
Blossom Fresh


Punyanuch Ungprasert, the floral designer behind Myrrh Sog Blooms in Bangkok, embodies a burgeoning talent in the world of floral design, with only two years of experience under her belt. Her journey into floristry was sparked by her first job at a flower shop where she discovered a profound connection with flower arranging. Captivated by the transformative power of flowers, Punyanuch began experimenting with shapes, colors and types of blooms, creating arrangements to express her mood and emotions. Through continuous learning, experimentation and sharing her creations on social media, Punyanuch gradually gained recognition and expanded her reach, captivating audiences with her distinctive style and storytelling through flowers.

In Thailand, floral design holds a cherished place in the country’s cultural tapestry, reflecting a unique and vibrant tradition of creativity and craftsmanship. Flowers are not merely decorative elements but integral aspects of daily life, used to adorn homes, temples and public spaces. Thai culture celebrates the beauty and symbolism of flowers, and florists are regarded as skilled artisans. Whether it’s elaborate displays for festivals and ceremonies or simple arrangements for everyday occasions, flowers play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of Thai culture.

Recalling her proudest moments as a floral designer, Punyanuch talks about the fulfillment she finds in inspiring those who encounter her work. To aspiring floral designers inspired by her work, Punyanuch offers a simple yet profound piece of advice: “When seeking guidance, look no further than nature.” She encourages newcomers to the craft to cultivate a deep appreciation for the inherent beauty of flowers and the infinite possibilities they offer for creative expression.


Australian floral designer Brett Matthew John Coles, owner of Flowers by Brett Matthew John (FBMJ) in Armadale, Victoria, stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the allure of flower artistry. Brett’s foray into floristry was a departure from his career in communication design and human resource management, and his decade-long immersion in floral design has been one of evolution, exploration and unwavering passion.

Since its inception in 2016, Flowers by Brett Matthew John has emerged as a beacon of ethereal, hyper-feminine flower arrangements, with a distinctive aesthetic marked by dreamy hues, delicate accents and meticulous attention to detail. Brett’s manifesto embodies a commitment to artistic exploration and crafting designs that evoke emotion and transcend conventional boundaries. His masterful blending of colors and textures exemplify Brett’s dedication to infusing every creation with a sense of wonder and enchantment.

In Australia, floral design occupies a multifaceted role that intertwines artistry, culture and commerce. Beyond mere decoration, flowers hold highly visible space, enriching ceremonies, celebrations and everyday gestures of affection. Moreover, flower arranging contributes to Australia’s economy by fostering a thriving industry that encompasses flower farming, retail, and event management.

For aspiring floral designers inspired by Brett’s work, he shares a guiding principle to begin their creative journey: “Embrace curiosity, cultivate a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and foster a spirit of experimentation.” He underscores the importance of continuous learning, urging newcomers to invest time in studying flower types and varieties, seasonal offerings, color palettes, and design techniques while remaining open to emerging trends and innovative approaches. Ultimately, Brett emphasizes that mastering floral design is a voyage of self-discovery and refinement, driven by an authentic love for the craft and an unwavering commitment to artistic expression.

Flowers by Brett Matthew
Brett Matthew John Coles
Flowers by Brett Matthew
Brett Matthew John Coles


As a global luxury event florist, Javier Valentino, owner of the eponymous floral and event design studio in Las Vegas, Nev., brings his unique perspective and heartfelt dedication to every project. His designs exude elegance, sophistication and a profound understanding of the power of floral arrangements to elevate any occasion tailored to clients worldwide. From intimate gatherings to extravagant celebrations, Javier’s signature style combines exquisite blooms, intricate textures and impeccable attention to detail, to create unforgettable experiences for his clients. His work transcends borders, with projects spanning across continents, allowing him to connect with fellow artists and collaborators around the world.

About his entry into the floral design cosmos, Javier shares how he found solace and inspiration in flowers when, following his mother’s passing in 2017, he turned to the beauty and tranquility of fresh blooms to honor her memory. Attending a flower workshop on a whim, Javier discovered a newfound passion and sense of purpose within the art of floral design, and he committed himself to honing his skills and creating beauty through flowers.

In Javier’s view, flowers serve as authentic status symbols, embodying both beauty and meaning beyond their physical presence. “They hold the power to convey emotions, evoke memories and elevate the atmosphere of any space or event,” he says.

Javier’s proudest moments as a floral designer have come from opportunities to share his creations beyond the United States, leaving his mark in diverse locales and cultures. For aspiring floral designers, he emphasizes the importance of knowing one’s audience, cultivating a strong brand identity, and investing in personal growth and professional development.

Javier Valentino