The 2024 Floral Industry Events and Floral Conventions Calendar, another industry collaboration brought to you by Above All Flowers & New Bloom Solutions, has been officially released.

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2024 Floral Industry Events Calendar Released by Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions

The 2024 Floral Industry Events and Floral Conventions Calendar, another industry collaboration brought to you by Above All Flowers & New Bloom Solutions, has been officially released. This calendar’s second edition is a notable addition to the ‘Bloom Together’ initiative, which fosters networking, collaboration, and community in the floral industry.

The concept of the calendar was initiated by a conversation between Sahid Nahim, President of NBS, and David Legge of DWF at the SAF Convention 2021. More than eight partners have contributed information and insight to this project, exemplifying a commitment to collaboration industry-wide.

Challenges in compiling the calendar were acknowledged by Sahid Nahim, particularly regarding the need for more updates from some event organizers. To counter this, various methods were employed, including social media and direct outreach, to ensure the inclusion of a comprehensive range list of floral events and conventions. Acknowledging the floral events calendar as a dynamic and evolving project, Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions have invited the floral community to participate in its ongoing update. Contributions for new floral events and conventions, suggestions for improvements, or notifications of overlooked events are appreciated and can be sent to

Below are some examples of what you can find in the calendar—how the sponsors are featured and how each event is displayed.

Available as of January 4th, the calendar is downloadable through this link: It includes a feature allowing industry professionals to contribute updates and information on various floral events, conventions, and shows.

The calendar also allows the viewer to add floral convention dates to their calendars so they can organize their entire year of floral events. The floral industry events calendar includes floral events and conventions such as WFFSA FDC 2024Floriexpo 2024SAF Convention 2024Next Gen Live!,  IFPA 2024IFTF 2024Winter Fair Royal Floral HollandAtlanta Market 2024IPM 2024PHS Flower Show 2024Slow Flower Summit 2024Wedding MBA,  and many more.  This calendar is a crucial element of the ‘Bloom Together’ initiative, designed to keep the floral industry interconnected through events like The Bloom Together Event, this calendar, and other efforts and collaborations. The Bloom Together Event is happening this year for the fourth time on March 4th during FDC WFFSA and it is open to the entire floral community as a collaborative effort.

Together Event 2023, (Photo courtesy of Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions)

Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions are committed to supporting collaboration in the industry, and this calendar serves as a vital piece in these efforts, providing floral industry professionals with information on essential sourcing, networking, and educational events, allowing for a more informed and connected floral community.

2024 Floral Event Calendar Sponsors (Photo courtesy of Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions)

Heartfelt gratitude is extended to all sponsors of this calendar below for their invaluable collaboration and contributions to this project.

New Bloom Solutions invites interested parties to explore sponsorship opportunities for next year’s calendar and to support The Bloom Together Event this year. This initiative provides a platform for those in the floral industry to demonstrate their support for collaboration and building community in the floral industry.

pictures of past floral events
The Bloom Together Event 2023 (Photo courtesy of Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions)

For inquiries regarding calendar sponsorship, interested parties are encouraged to contact New Bloom Solutions at To support The Bloom Together Event, individuals and companies can sign up online through a provided form here. This opportunity, open to all sectors of the floral industry, allows for active participation in floral community-driven projects.

Furthermore, New Bloom Solutions is appreciative and wants to acknowledge that numerous blogs, websites, and companies have expressed interest in sharing the download link for their calendar on various platforms, as well as directly with their customers via email or social media. This collaboration is highly valued and greatly appreciated. New Bloom Solutions encourages entities interested in featuring the download link for the floral events and convention calendar on their websites at no cost, making it available as a resource for their customers, to reach out at The extension of the calendar’s reach significantly enhances its value as a resource for the entire floral industry. Feel free to download the calendar today or share this link with your customers and your community by sharing this link below: