Instagram has a large number of tools and features that can help your business grow. Social media is worth the time and can really add to your marketing efforts. Five tips for your Instagram digital marketing strategy; Add links to IGTV, make use of call to actions (CTAs), be consistent, focus on hashtags, and be descriptive with captions.

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5 Amazing Tips To Gain Traffic From Instagram

By Team Parle – September 15, 2021

Now more than ever, the majority of business owners across the world are recognizing the true value of social media and what it can add to their digital marketing efforts.

Once you understand how to drive website traffic from a social media platform like Instagram, it would really go a long way for your business. This is one of the most important and liable tactics you can apply to your brand. Instagram has a large number of features and tools that can help your business grow, and you can ultimately successfully gain traffic from Instagram.

However, if these things do not work you can always buy Instagram followers. If you are looking for a method in which you can increase conversions, then you should go through the list we have created below. These could be the easiest and effective ways to increase engagement on Instagram-

1. Add links to IGTV

This might confuse you a bit, but it is possible to add URL links to any IGTV video description. Contrary to your posts on Instagram feeds, IGTV can come with clickable links. This makes it easier for viewers to click and purchase your services or products directly by visiting your website from that link.

Moreover, you will not have to invest heavily in Instagram marketing to get the expected results. Unlike other social media techniques, IGTV or Instagram is fairly inexpensive. As a matter of fact, it is one means of gaining more traffic that comes with zero expense. You can create direct-to-camera content to form a trustworthy relationship with your viewers.

Moreover, you should include little post-production edits so that the content seems more authentic and genuine. You should also mention the important details in the description of the video. This will also make sure that people will engage with your content and products very quickly.

2. Make use of Call to Actions (CTAs)

One of the greatest ways to drive more traffic is to add a Call to Action in your posts’ captions. This can be done to make users understand why your link is valuable. You can easily remind followers, if they want updates on your brand, they can click the link in your bio to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Another great way to achieve more clicks is by making viewers curious about your created content. For instance, you can give people updates about the content and you will publish it without giving out all the details.  Thus by giving a little information, you interest people and make them foresee your future posts. Eventually, you’ll be able to gain more traffic to your website. 

3.  Be consistent

This is a very simple concept, and being consistent is one of the best techniques to get Instagram followers. Consistency is the key to achieve success on any social media platform. If you want more people to be driven to your Instagram profile, then you should always be regular and punctual.

If you post engaging content consistently, a large number of people would get into the habit of checking your profile for everyday updates in no time. Moreover, do not forget to include URLs in every post or story, whether it is your website link, other social media profile link, or post link.

You can use a social media content calendar to be regular with your high-quality posts and upload them on time. You must not make your followers regret following you if you post once a week.

4. Focus on hashtags

When you create a custom, branded, or dedicated hashtag, you can guide people to a collection of mixed content. When a potential follower finds you through a highly targeted hashtag, he/she will be more likely to view the rest of your content as well.

You can create branded tags for every Instagram campaign created for marketing. This method is a lot less promotional, hence less expensive too.

You should remember one thing while using hashtags on Instagram, that they should be relevant. Never use hashtags that aren’t related to your brand, the content you are creating, or your products and services. If you use random hashtags, a random audience will engage with your content, thus decreasing your brand value. For example- if you are a beauty and makeup brand use hashtags such as #beauty, #makeup, etc.

5.  Be descriptive with captions

Any picture put forth is worth a thousand words. However, this doesn’t imply that you ignore the captions. They are an important part of the content on Instagram that can make or break your performance. Captions can impact your post’s reach, engagement, and traffic to your profile and website.

Storytelling is an art that most people on Instagram love dearly. Therefore, it is always recommended that you generate engagement with the assistance of descriptive captions. Popular channels like BBC and National Geographic focus on creating the best captions for their posts in order to keep the audience impressed and engaged.


Understanding how to push traffic from Instagram can be greatly helpful to your business. This is the most effective brand-building technique you can use. Instagram offers several features and resources that can help you to increase engagement on Instagram. So try these tips to gain more traffic from Instagram and grow your brand significantly on the web.