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Hellebores Just Keep Getting Better

Hellebores keep getting better as breeders just keep improving them. Over the years, new cultivars have evolved with more upward-facing flowers and color ranges from pinks to reds to all the colors of the rainbow. Full Article Below Source Hellebores Just Keep Getting...

Research Update: Comparison of the Efficacy of Regular and Ultra Versions of FloraLife Crystal Clear Flower Food

The benefits of flower food on cut flowers are well established. Cut flower food is engineered to provide necessary nutrients and other beneficial ingredients at correct proportions for cut flowers to open, develop color, and remain vibrant and attractive for a long...

Introducing FloraLife Bouquet Wrap to Hydrate Bouquets During Transport

Floralife, a division of Smither Oasis Company, has a new product on the market to help to prevent wilting of flowers during transit. FloraLife® Bouquet Wrap is a highly absorbent material that continuously hydrates flowers for at least two days during shipping so...

How To Dry Fresh Flowers, According to ‘Full Bloom’ Winner Conner Nesbit

Great Tips on drying flowers, according to Conner Nesbit, winner of HBO'S Full Bloom show. Instead of letting flowers wilt to the point of no return, you can dry them out. "Flowers take on a different personality after they dry, and they almost become a whole new type...

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