“With its lightweight and reusable components, this texturally complex composition introduces a concept with versatility and limitless applications” 


‘Edith’ (Auspluto) and ‘Juliet’ (Ausjameson) David Austin English Garden Roses (Rosa hybrida) from Alexandra Farms; carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus ‘Caramel’), pincushion flower pods (Scabiosa spp.), laurustinus berries (Viburnum tinus), blackberries/ raspberries (Rubus spp.), sugar sumac (Rhus ovata), copper beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’), passionflower vine (Passiflora spp.) and driftwood bowl from suppliers of your choice; SmoothFoam (EPS) Hollow Half Balls and Balls from Floracraft; Premium Metals 24KT Pure Gold and Flat Black Colortool from Design Master Color Tool; Oasis Midnight Floral Foam from Smithers- Oasis North America; gold-leaf supplies (Metal Flakes, Metal Leaf Adhesive, Metal Leaf Spray Sealer and application brush) and wood skewers from craft store; air-dry clay from art supply store.


Denver-based floral designer Arthur Williams, AIFD, EMC, CPF, of Babylon Floral Design, shares a unique centerpiece concept, as well as his coinciding thoughts on designing for summer weddings. “Use your downtime to create the direction you want your business to go in,” Williams says.

“I want to do more artistic, constructed work; things that no one else in my area is doing. Slow times are great for experimenting and perfecting techniques, and it gives you tangible things to show future clients.”

This composition is a product of that thought process and strategy. Here, Williams designed a structure that is modular and can be configured for a wall, as a table runner, a bridal bouquet and so much more – the possibilities are endless. He is inspired by his motto, “Create your own reality,” and the quote “If you do what you love, it will take care of you.”

Step 1: Spray-paint three EPS-foam half balls black on outside and gold with a black center on the inside. The paint will eat into the EPS foam and give you a better surface to adhere clay to. Any cracks that appear will add character to the design.

Step 2: Cover the outside surfaces of the half balls and balls with wet clay (any fast-drying clay will work). Create a smooth yet irregular surface, for an organic handcrafted feel. Let dry for a day.

Step 3: Apply gold leaf in random spots to the rim and inner rim of the clay-covered EPS-foam half balls.

Step 4: Artfully place the clay-covered “bowls” and orbs into a driftwood bowl, and secure them to each other with corsage pins. Place a small piece of soaked black floral foam into each of the bowls, and secure the floral foam into the bowl with wood skewers.

Step 5: Arrange botanicals, leaving space for specks of the gold leaf on the inner rims of the bowls to remain visible.

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