“Texturally contrasting elements overflow from a clever novelty Mother’s Day design” 


Dendrobium phalaenopsis ‘Triple Fantasy’, kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos flavidus), Persian buttercups (Ranunculus asiaticus), pincushion flowers (Scabiosa atropurpurea ‘Raspberry Scoop’), air plants (Tillandsia aeranthos), Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) and dried silver-dollar gum leaves (Eucalyptus polyanthemos) from suppliers of your choice; Oasis Bind Wire (Natural), Oasis Florist Wire (16 gauge and 20 gauge), Sahara II Dry Foam and Oasis Hot-melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis North America; glass test tubes and 1/2” silver sequin pins from craft store.

While flowers remain a traditional go-to option for Mother’s Day, this fun “handbag” design presents them in an unforgettable composition, which can be either carried by the recipient or placed as a centerpiece. And the “handbag” makes it easy for the recipient to refill it with flowers again and again.

This classic handbag silhouette is crafted from a brick of dry floral foam covered in dried silver-dollar Eucalyptus leaves. Glass test tubes (you can also use plastic water tubes), inserted deep into dry floral foam, contain a rubicund assortment of botanicals of varying textures and forms, giving the illusion that the handbag is overflowing with flowers. In just seven easy-to-follow steps, floral designer Orit Hertz, EMC, shows how to create this composition for a special lady in someone’s life.

Step 1: Pin dried silver-dollar Eucalyptus leaves to five sides of a brick of dry floral foam. Dip pins in hot-melt glue, if desired. Overlap leaves to fully cover the floral foam. Leave the top surface uncovered. Design note: If you prefer, cover the bottom surface of the dry floral foam with felt, leaving only the sides to cover with dried Eucalyptus leaves.

Step 2: Press glass test tubes (or plastic water tubes) deep into the top surface of the floral foam. Position the tubes with enough space between to allow for maximize flower placement and distribution.

Step 3: Create “handbag handles” by wrapping three lengths of 16-gauge wire together with paper covered wire for each handle.

Step 4: Dip both ends of each “handle” into hot-melt glue, and firmly press the ends into the top of the floral foam.

Step 5: Fill glass tubes with water.

Step 6: Create U-shaped pins from 20-gauge wire. Cover the exposed floral foam with Spanish moss, using the fasteners to secure the moss in place.

Step 7: Arrange flowers in the glass tubes, beginning with the Dendrobium orchids, placing each stem into a corner tube and allowing the blossoms to fall across the top of the foam, and its buds spilling out on the opposite side. Next arrange Scabiosa, followed by Ranunculus and kangaroo paws. Place the air plants last.