Bessie, Hettie and Millicent are the newest wedding roses in the David Austin collection.

Full press Release Below- Source David Austin


Introducing Three New Iconic Roses

David Austin’s lifelong love affair with the classic Old Rose has led him to create many beautiful rose varieties that transcend fashion, yet always bring charm and grace to every celebration.

The particular characteristics that make each of our roses unique and instantly recognizable are no accident. The shape, color, and scent are all considered with obsessive attention to detail. Only the very best will receive the David Austin hallmark and be included in our collection.

David Austin is delighted to add 3 new varieties to their cut rose collection, which are available now from wholesalers and florists around the world.

About the New Roses


Bessie garden roses
Photographer and stylist @Jannelford Roses: @davidaustinweddingroses

Bessie’s color transitions beautifully, starting as an ivory bud opening quickly into a classic deep cup to reveal shades of apricot at her center. As her petals relax, Bessie’s shape becomes more rosette-like, her color paling to buttery cream, developing hints of caramel while always maintaining a halo of ivory outer petals. Her light to medium fragrance is a combination of tea with undertones of myrrh. 


Hettie deep pink rose
Photographer and stylist @Jannelford Roses: @davidaustinweddingroses

Hettie is super sassy, full of charisma and confidence with her striking rich pink rosette blooms. Hettie pops open to say hello extremely quickly, creating a star rosette at her centre, surrounded by a ring of neat, layered outer petals in a lighter pink fuchsia tone. Whilst fragrance is missing from Hettie’s character, she celebrates her many other assets of color, form and long vase life.


Millicent pink rose
Photographer and stylist @Jannelford Roses: @davidaustinweddingroses

Millicent is a cornucopia of wonderful things. A vintage beauty of warm, mid pinks developing hints of lilac and mauve. Her blousy blooms are filled with textured, swirling petals that unfurl forming a wonderful rosette. Millicent’s medium scent of citrus and old rose provides her final, flourish and her adorable character suggests a vintage, reserved glamour of a bygone era.