Akron, Ohio – Leading e-commerce and catalog supplier of floral, home décor and garden center supplies, DirectFloral.com has acquired Tapscott’s of Owensboro, KY, an iconic 86-year-old company that provides floral designers with permanent flowers and greenery. With this acquisition DirectFloral.com will expand the permanent flower and greenery line offering through its website www.directfloral.com.

Key staff from both companies will also be part of this transition plan to help maintain the service and quality standards that both DirectFloral.com and Tapscott’s customers expect.

Tapscott’s permanent flowers and greenery are staples of floral design, and with this acquisition it will expand on its service standards and product offerings for floral designers. By adding quality products to DirectFloral.com, Tapscott’s will be able to increase overall product offerings and availability.

The combination of the two companies will expand their offering by more than 1,000 permanent flowers and greeneries and allow further innovation in the product line with offerings for seasonal and home décor items and funeral design items.

“With the rapidly changing design styles and demands to improve technology for stocking and inventory requirements, I am pleased to see DirectFloral.com bring the Tapscott’s brand to the next level with more product availability and a one-stop shopping experience for customer’s floral needs,” says DirectFloral president and chief executive officer David M. Rosenberg

With this transition of business, a new line of Tapscott’s permanent flowers and greeneries will be introduced this summer in time for Autumn/Holiday through both www.tapfloral.com and www.directfloral.com. Until then DirectFloral.com has an everyday as well as a Spring/Summer line of high-quality permanents available for immediate shipping.

With this immediate transition, the Tapscott’s customer service phone lines and email are now being handled by DirectFloral.com through its Akron, Ohio location. The Tapscott’s website is active, but online ordering will be idled until the new line is available. However, customers will be directed to www.DirectFloral.com until ordering resumes. All customer files are active and set up for purchase through DirectFloral.com to assure seamless transition for customers.

“The floral, plant and home décor business has never been more exciting,” notes Rosenberg, “and DirectFloral.com is perfectly positioned to meet the rapidly expanding needs of customers through expanded product offerings, same day/next day shipping of orders to suit any order size and improved inventory management.

About DirectFloral.com
DirectFloral.com is one of the first ecommerce and top online distributors of floral and home décor and garden center supplies, offering more than 10,000 items with same day/next day shipping. The company offers top brands such as Diamond Line Containers, OASIS Floral Products, Design Master paints, Syndicate Sales products, FloraCraft dry foams and much more. DirectFloral.com is a privately-held company in Akron, Ohio.

About Tapscott’s
Tapscott’s is a distributor of artificial and permanent floral products, greenery and related accessories. Founded in 1933 in Owensboro, Kentucky, has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver quality, service, innovation and value. Everything we do revolves around these core values of our business.