The process involved in creating an original painted botanical sculpture is entirely different than designing with store bought painted dried product and arranging them. It’s also entirely different from arranging fresh flowers in a vase. The uniqueness of your painted botanical sculpture is completely dependent on the quality of your collection of dried material, and painting them yourself will get the most out of your own creative process. It’s your eye and mind that creates the final art…. You are not using something crafted… you are the one CREATING it!! You may be inspired by understanding the process of the craft, but what I want to show you in today’s video is the process of Creating the Art. The ownership it allows you to take during the creative process, and the mindset that goes along with it. So let’s talk about HOW to build a botanical sculpture! I hope you enjoy today’s tutorial, if you did.. make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for future videos! #DriedBotanicals #FloralArt #Sculpture