“This atypical composition marries lovely spray roses with floral ingenuity for today’s modern brides” 


Spray roses (Rosa hybrida ‘Antigua’, ‘Royal Porcelina’ and ‘Snowflake’) developed by Interplant Roses, available from supplier of your choice; sprengeri fern (Asparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengeri Deflexus’) and virgin’s bower vine (Clematis spp.) from suppliers of your choice; Oasis Bind Wire, Oasis Florist Wire (16 gauge), Oasis Floral Adhesive and Oasis All-temperature Glue Sticks from Smithers-Oasis North America; Flat Black Colortool Spray from Design Master Color Tool; large wood bead and thin wood dowel from craft store.

Renowned Dutch floral designer and creative director of Pim van den Akker of Flower Factor shares an innovative idea and technique for designing a wedding bouquet that prominently features three varieties of spray roses from breeder Interplant Roses. His ultramodern bouquet interpretation gleans inspiration from the natural cluster of rose blooms and buds found on a single stem of spray roses.

Pim explains his initial design thoughts: “As an homage to the shape and multitude of roses on one spray rose stem, I created this bridal bouquet with several soft-toned varieties, creating one big stem filled with spray roses. Next to the sheer elegance of the roses, this bouquet also has the added benefits of lasting long throughout wedding festivities and being a cost-effective design.”

1. Shape different lengths of black-painted 16-gauge wire into various curvilinear formations, visualizing how the structure will look when finished. Hot glue the wood bead onto one end of the wood dowel.
2. Drill small holes into the wood bead, and hot-glue the curved black wires into those holes.
3. Lightly weave the Asparagus fern in and around the wire structure, maintaining transparency. Wind Clematis vine, stripped of its leaves and flowers, around the structure to keep the Asparagus fern in place, and secure it to several wire parts with green paper-covered wire.
4. Cut off the heads of the spray roses, and apply liquid floral adhesive to the back of the rose heads. Allow the adhesive to become tacky.

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