In February 2024, Accent Decor had the honor and privilege of being onsite at the 2024 Orchid Dinner in New York City at the historic Plaza Hotel. To dive deeper into the Orchid Dinner’s magic, they asked a few designers to share their creative process and tales of their onsite execution.

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3 Floral Pros Share Their Orchid Dinner Installations


In February 2024, Accent Decor had the honor and privilege of being onsite at the 2024 Orchid Dinner in New York City at the historic Plaza Hotel. In addition to enjoying a floral-filled event on a quintessentially glamorous New York evening, Accent Decor provided containers to a hand-selected group of floral designers tapped to create some of the floral installations the Orchid Dinner is known for.

To dive deeper into the Orchid Dinner’s magic, we asked the designers to share their creative process and tales of their onsite execution.

Ace Berry AIFD, @aceinfullbloom

Your Orchid Dinner installation was an absolute showstopper. Can you share the overall concept and its execution?

My vision was to underscore that no matter how challenging or difficult life and circumstances can be, it can always be better with flowers. I view flowers as a life essential and I wanted people to take in the arrangement and a visual reference of blooming from the within.

To illustrate the blooming within concept, I drilled holes in both a life-size mannequin and the low Newport Bowl, allowing for ample floral placement that would spill over in a lush and romantic way. I loved the integration of the Newport as it’s composed of a material similar to concrete, representing the hard and hectic concrete jungles we live within.

The Newport containers were perfectly aligned with my concept. The juxtaposition of the hard and typically cold color with beautiful flowers springing to life helped reinforce my concept – it just made me smile seeing the finished look. Thank you to Accent Decor for always believing in me and supporting my creativity. Its allowed me to make cool and fun things happen!

Beyond the mannequin and products leveraged were beautiful flowers. Tell us more!

My goal was to display flowers in an unexpected way while reinforcing the story of utilizing flowers to heal you from the inside out. The hero flowers leveraged were a mini assortment of orchids and dendrobium orchids supplemented by a variety of mixed flowers.

Tell us more about your involvement with the Orchid Dinner and how you landed your involvement in the ’24 dinner.  

I was a part of the 2023 Orchid Dinner and fell in love with the entire experience. I’m a big believer of putting what you want into the universe. I enjoyed my 2023 Orchid Dinner experience so much that I told myself I wanted to be more involved in the New York City flower scene. I continued to work hard and was thrilled when the New York Botanical Garden sent me the invitation to participate and attend. It was an easy “yes” from me! Additionally, I’ve been involved with the Dior Botanical Garden as a faculty member collaborating on the creation of a Principles of Floral Design Module focused on orchids. The module is slated for an April 2024 release.

Accent Decor products used:

Newport Low Bowl in Gray & Kendall Pot in Gray

Pictured: Ace’s inspiration sketch and the finished installation

Pennylyn Woosley, @blossomandbeefloral

Attendees couldn’t get enough of your installation – there was a steady stream of buzz and photos captured! Tell us about your vision and concept.

I wanted to create something truly special that showcased my favorite design styles. Bright and juicy colors with a romantic and “gardeny” vibe (I used over 500 roses and spray roses)! The result was the perfect juxtaposition of two design styles I love most. I’m so pleased it was well-received.

My mannequin (a nod to the fashion theme) was designed with more earth tones and pops of peach – the Pantone Color of the Year! She was styled more romantically; with her floral crown and hand glued bodice comprised of deconstructed orchids, glued petal by petal to create her top! The rest of the florals were overflowing with color, texture and movement. 

My structure was built with the support of the Hourglass Collection. I selected this design, almost immediately, based on the name, and its classic shape. When I think of fashion, historically, I do think of an hourglass figure. Upon further review I knew it would help me create a very tall, very over-the-top design! 

Accent Decor products used:

Hourglass Stand, 18’’x29.5’’ & Hourglass Stand, 22’’x45’’ & Hourglass Stand, 28’’x66’’

You created a truly lush installation. What flowers did you utilize?

Over 150 orchids, potted and stems (Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium & Oncidium) & Hanging Amaranthus & dyed gold Plumosa & 500+ roses & tropical foliage & 1,000+ stem insertions

Tell us more about your involvement with the Orchid Dinner and how you landed your involvement in the ’24 dinner.  

Last year I attended the orchid dinner as a production assistant for my best flower friend, Ace Berry. Thanks to my previous involvement with the event, I met lots of wonderful people from the New York Botanical Garden. Since then, they’ve followed my work via social media and extended a design invitation!

sketch plan

Pictured: Pennylyn’s inspiration sketch and the finished installation

Alan Masters AIFD CFD ,@masters.alan

Give us the details! What was your Orchid Dinner installation inspiration?

My design concept when I started was originally to take the two pedestals and stack them. So, it was going to be 84 inches tall with an arrangement shooting from the top. When we arrived, we started putting things together and realized we needed to pivot. We’ve got to be ready to change as we go with the flow. So, we actually ended up with the installations side-by-side. l used to do store windows display work and my execution approach was like setting up a window display allowing visibility and clear view of the accessories.

When planning the installation, the first thing that popped in my head was the infamous line from Steel Magnolias, “Our ability to accessorize is what separates us from the animals.” I knew that everybody was going to proceed with dress forms and the shape of the woman. I thought, you know what, we’ve got to accessorize! So, I grabbed purses and we used the Framework Columns. We set the installation up like a store window display, complete with accessories.

Accent Decor products used:

As I worked through the concept, I was looking through Accent Decor’s catalog, and I saw the Framework Lucite Column – I absolutely fell in love. I love the little cathedral-like window inside of it. I love their clarity – you can see through, ideal for a tabletop experience. Sometimes we block tables, and these allow you to see across and through. Most people use them on the floor, but I thought, why not take them up to the table? They’re just fun.

What were your featured flowers?

Flowers were sponsored and provided by Mayesh Houston: Signature Mayesh roses & White Phalaenopsis & Hot Pink Phalaenopsis & Green Cymbidiums & variety of colored Cymbidiums & Ocelots & Green Roses & Pink Roses & Pink Hydrangeas & Paphiopedilum

Was this your first Orchid Dinner?

Yes, this was my first time designing for the Orchid Dinner and I hope to be back for future memorable dinners!


Pictured: Alan’s original sketch and his finished result

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