A Step-by-step Guide to Floral Design

This brand-new, completely redesigned volume of Flower Arranging builds on the original best-selling edition, which has been the ultimate and preeminent book of basic floral design instruction in the world since 2007. The first edition has been used as a textbook by scores of universities, colleges, high schools and vocational programs around the globe, and this new updated edition not only provides a foundation for novices entering the world of floristry but also serves as a refresher for experienced designers and as a springboard to the next level for designers in between.

In this second edition, you will find more than 150 beautifully photographed floral designs ranging from basic and traditional to advanced and contemporary, all created by Teresa Lanker, chair of the Horticultural Technologies Division and coordinator of the Floral Design & Marketing Technology program at The Ohio State University, and Frank Feysa, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, design director for Smithers-Oasis Company. Sections include:

• All-occasion Arrangements
• Wedding Bouquets
• Flowers to Wear
• Sympathy Arrangements
• Holiday Designs
• Novelty Arrangements
• Fruit Baskets

Included in each of these sections are flower recipes and step-by-step instructions with illustrative photos for 36 designs that professional florists make every day. Also featured are more advanced and creative variations of each traditional design, and the initial chapters provide a wealth of in-depth information on the principles and elements of floral design as well as floral design mechanics.

At a whopping 296 pages, this new edition of Flower Arranging has almost double the number of pages of the original version. Plus, this version is hardcover!

With more than 630 photos, this all-encompassing and inspirational guide to growth is an absolute must-have for everyone practicing the art of flower arranging, so order one for every designer (and aspiring designer) in your shop, classroom or workshop today, at shop.wildflower.media. Also, consider purchasing a few extra to sell in your shop (inquire about wholesale pricing for resale!).

Insights from the Author

What was the inspiration behind this book, and what is its purpose?
The first edition of Flower Arranging was written to address the need of many florists for a designer’s training guide. That book had a long successful run, but it was time for an update. In this new edition, we have enhanced aspects of the original book in keeping with evolving trends and styles. A we added a new chapter on the essential elements and principles of floral design, to provide the foundation for every step-by-step arrangement within.

For whom is this book intended?
Flower Arranging is perfect for young designers who are just getting started. Whether learning on their own or in a classroom setting, the book teaches flower arranging in a way that assures success, one step at a time, with plenty of detailed explanations of how and why. Perfectionists, who want every flower placement to be just right, will appreciate the sequential images of designs in progress. Accomplished designers will also find new ways to work with floral products and tricks of the trade that make designing faster and easier.

What makes this book unique and distinctive?
With its various sections; flower recipes; sequential step- by-step photos; and floral design principles, elements and mechanics, this book is really one of a kind when it comes to professional flower arranging instruction. My friend and colleague, Frank Feysa, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, and I have different approaches to design, so we were able to bring a lot of new ideas to this book, with terrific visuals, thanks to our excellent photographer, and wonderful product from Smithers-Oasis Company.

• $39.95
• 296 pages
• Hardcover
• More than 150 floral designs
• More than 630 color photos
• 8.5” x 11”
• ISBN 978-1-7337826-2-3
• Order at shop.wildflower.media