In this inspirational concept-driven book, two of America’s most visionary floral artists (and creative soulmates)— Stacey Bal, AIFD, CFD, EMC and Arthur Williams, AIFD, CFD, EMC, CPF—collaborate to visually interpret 21 thought- provoking words that are close to their hearts and souls, with “impermanent” materials (fresh botanicals) as their primary medium.

Bal and Williams each create mind-blowing individual pieces (as anyone who knows them might expect!) to define the 21 respective words, and there are stunning collaborative works, as well. Detail shots and multiple perspectives of each composition are featured alongside the main photos, and the word concepts are defined by the duo with phrases, statements and quotes, as well as commentary on how personal experiences influence their definitions of the words.

Although Bal’s and Williams’ minds and creative voices are often one, on display in this book are examples of how their varying perspectives range from similarity to opposition, from austerity to exuberance, from positive to negative.

Through the pages of this contemporary but timeless volume, other floral designers will be inspired to approach each word with their own visions. This collectible edition must be in the inspiration arsenal of every serious arranger of impermanent materials and lover of floral art.


• $29.95
• 144 pages
• Hardcover
• 42 floral compositions
• 175 color photos, including exquisite detail shots
• 8” x 12”
• ISBN 978-1-7337826-8-5
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Insights from the Authors

What was your inspiration for creating this book?
SB: Impermanent was fueled by our desire for collaborative creative exploration, as a platform to express our points of view to a larger audience, and to support the validity of floral art as a recognized and celebrated art form in the visual arts community.

AW: The inspiration for me was to work with a kindred spirit (Stacey), to show the world how far creative minds can take floral design and transform it from concept to floral art. Collaboration always brings about unique new perspectives. I wanted to put our work out into the world to create new opportunities for us, specifically in museums and public art realms. Our industry is horrible about showcasing our work to the public; I really want to see that change. From firsthand experience, we’ve seen that the public is ready for “FlowerXArt” (a term coined by Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD, CFD).

How would you define/categorize this book?
AW: It’s definitely a concept-driven art book showing how two artists’ perspectives can overlap or be wildly conflicted.

SB: And it is intended to inspire and open minds.

For what audience(s) did you create this book?
AW/SB: The book is for art lovers as well as floral designers and artists. We wanted it to appeal to the broadest range of tastes.

How does this book differ from other/similar books in the floral book marketplace?
SB: Our book is in its own beautiful world. Our voices, both solo and collaborative, are strong, unapologetic and refreshing. We are motivated to enrich artists’ creative intellect and lead boldly by example that there is a place for flowers as art.

AW: Stacey’s and my perspectives on floral design and art is very different from those of a lot of our peers. It’s unique because we are unique. Plus, we set out to not make a floral design book.

What do you hope readers will gain from this book?
SB: I hope readers will gain a sense of empowerment to create how they want to create, where they want to create, and to make a space for themselves in the art community even if it’s never been done before. I hope that Impermanent will encourage artists to connect to their work in new and personal ways and to work through life’s challenges and struggles, with visual art as the method of resolution. And last, I hope that readers will experience how two point of views can be so vastly different and still have a place at the table, so to speak.

AW: I hope readers will broaden their thought processes when it comes to design, to make new connections between ideas and to push the envelope when it comes to floral art. I want people to be inspired. I want floral art to have its place in museums. I’m hoping people will see our book as proof that anything is possible.

Why is this book a must-have for floral design professionals as well as floral enthusiasts/hobbyists?
SB: Whether the reader is simply craving botanical eye candy; thought-provoking perspectives; or applications, techniques and combinations of materials to motivate future projects, there’s something for everyone!

AW: cI see Impermanent as part of the evolution of our industry, as a harbinger of what’s to come.