Our goal is to establish International Women’s Day as a significant occasion for honoring women through the tradition of giving flowers. March 8th, IWD, is an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude to mentors, teachers, friends, family, and all the influential women in our lives. By providing florists with a comprehensive and well-structured marketing plan, complete with all necessary creative materials and guidelines for an effective campaign, we are fostering local growth that has the potential to create enduring effects on a nationwide level!

How We Achieve This: 
Our strategy includes a comprehensive 8-week marketing strategy for florists, complete with ready-to-use creative materials, email templates, social media packets, press releases and step-by-step guidance. 

Similar to how Florists’ Review led the initiative in the 1920s to transform Mother’s Day into a significant occasion for flower gifting, we are committed to elevating International Women’s Day into a major holiday to honor women with flowers. By enabling florists throughout America to establish and enhance their brand within their local communities, we believe we can develop International Women’s Day into a festive and prosperous occasion for everyone.

International Women’s Day Marketing Bundles for Florists Valued over $10,000

Florists can employ these tools in their original form or customize them for their brand. The social media toolkit available February 1st, not only provides visuals and videos but also offers pre-written content and suggested hashtags for posts. Also, we provide florists with detailed guides on how to engage with local media including press releases professionally written for local media outlets and networking ideas to partner with local businesses and non-profits supporting women.

We are offering this extensive marketing roadmap, valued at over $10,000 to florists for FREE!   

Included in our IWD Bundle Part 1:
8-week Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Templates
Flowers for International Women’s Day
Quotes for IWD

Part 2 includes social media content, captions, hashtags, images and press releases for local media.

Thank you to all of our partners supporting this project!

IWD sponsors

AIFD ( American Institute of Floral Design)

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Website: https://aifd.org

Alexandra Farms

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Website: https://www.alexandrafarms.com

AFE (American Floral Endowment)

Instagram Handle: @american_floral_endowment. https://www.instagram.com/american_floral_endowment

Website: https://endowment.org

Ball SB

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Website: www.ballsb.com/en


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Instagram Handle:@mercurynetwork. www.instagram.com/mercurynetwork

Website: www.ftdi.com

Garden Rose Direct

Instagram Handle: @garden.roses.direct instagram.com/garden.roses.direct

Website: gardenrosesdirect.com


Website: gotflowers.com

Sun Valley

Instagram Handle:@sunvalleyfloralfarms www.instagram.com/sunvalleyfloralfarms

Website: tsvg.com

Florigene/Suntory Flowers

Instagram Handle: @suntoryflowers.na. www.instagram.com/suntoryflowers.na

Website: florigene.com

Smithers Oasis

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Website: www.oasisfloralproducts.com