Texas State Florists’ Association is pleased to introduce TSFA Executive Director Michelle Karns CAE.

Source: TSFA Press Release

Introducing Our New Executive Director Michelle Karns

The Texas State Florists’ Association Board of Directors is pleased to introduce TSFA Executive Director Michelle Karns CAE. Her previous accomplishments have been many and varied.  She has nearly fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit industry, spanning operations, communications and marketing for 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) organizations. A graduate of the Master’s in Communication and Leadership program at Gonzaga University, Karns also holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities – English Literature from the University of Houston-Victoria and associate degrees in business administration and English from Austin Community College. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education, Leadership and Organization at Texas Woman’s University, where she is in the interdisciplinary nonprofit track. Karns holds the Certified Association Executive credential and is a Notary Public.

Michelle shares a glimpse into her personal and professional life as well as her excitement in being named TSFA Executive Director.


My family moved to Mineral Wells shortly after my first birthday, and I’ve been a Texan ever since! I grew up primarily in South Texas, working in our family’s businesses, which included small motels in the early years and convenience stores thereafter. From mowing lawns with my younger brother when we were 8 and 6 years old, to working for a title and abstract company at 16, to starting my own business at 18, I have gained a deep appreciation for small businesses and the entrepreneurs who ensure their success.


The Austin area is home now, and it is where I raised my three adult children — a high school teacher, a former teacher who works in the IT industry and a licensed veterinary technician. I am blessed to also have two brilliant daughters-in-law, and we all enjoy spending time together whenever we can. Whether we are cooking, exploring nature with dogs in tow, trying a new restaurant, discussing a variety of interests, playing board games or watching one of their favorite shows on television, spending time with family brings me a great deal of joy.

I am a lifelong learner and remain curious about the dynamics between people, organizations and systems, especially as change occurs. I’m fascinated by all kinds of businesses and emerging technologies. When I’m not learning something new, I enjoy stand-up paddleboarding or doing other types of exercise, listening to music and being creative — which could be almost anything that produces something tangible.


My career spans business management, communications and marketing, and I have benefited from intersecting with a variety of industries, including health care, manufacturing and transportation. One similarity I’ve found across all businesses is the need to build strong relationships while providing high-quality products or services that are valued by consumers. Success doesn’t happen in a silo — it is supported by a strong community of individuals whose efforts coalesce around a shared vision and mutual goals.

That’s one reason why I am so excited about joining the Texas State Florists’ Association. With a rich history that spans more than a century, TSFA’s mission — Cultivating Member Success and Strong Floral Community — reflects the unity and shared purpose of its diverse membership and industry partners. From floriculture students and educators to florists, wholesalers and growers, TSFA is a professional home for the artists, innovators and leaders who bring floral beauty to millions of Texans each year.

I am grateful to be the newest member of this vibrant community and look forward to working with each member, educator and industry partner in support of the floriculture industry and florists, wholesalers and growers throughout the state.

The decision was made in response to the retirement of TSFA Executive Director Dianna Nordman AAF. TSFA President Susan Piland AIFD CFD TMF recently shared with the TSFA membership “Let us all wish TSFA Executive Director Dianna Nordman AAF a retirement blooming with relaxation, adventure and new opportunities. Over the years, her contributions have been invaluable and her forward thinking has provided deep roots for a strong foundation. Dianna’s legacy will forever be part of the history of TSFA and we are forever grateful. We are thrilled to welcome our new Executive Director, Michelle Karns, to the TSFA family. Her expertise will continue the strong direction that has long been established. Let’s bloom together with excitement looking forward to fresh opportunities under her guidance and direction.”