“In today’s hyper-busy world, what do you do to achieve work/life balance; rejuvenate your mind, spirit and body; and/or take care of yourself physically and mentally?”

Before going to bed each night, I reflect on the day, remembering the heartfelt stories told by grieving families
while appreciating my own, planning the weddings of new loves and kissing my husband good night, helping a customer select the right bouquet and reminiscing about the first flower I ever took home. My nightly sessions enable me to close out the day and mentally prepare myself for tomorrow.

Holly Milburn
The Finishing Touch
Florist Crete, Ill.

Each day, I take the first minutes of my day for prayers and put into practice a set of affirmations to work on my belief system. This puts me into a more positive mind-set. I also go to a float tank once a month to rejuvenate both my body and my mind.

Christi Lopez,
AIFD, EMC Bergerons Flowers &
Events Springfield, Va.

The best way to find work/ life balance is creating and sticking to boundaries. Respecting my boundaries allows me to listen to and act on my needs. Also, ensuring that I leave work at work and keep personal stresses away from work help me focus on and be present in what I’m doing.

Danielle Hedquist
White Egret; Ogden, Utah

I enjoy running early in the morning; I get some of my best creative ideas during that time. I also spend time praying and meditating on Bible verses each day. It keeps me focused on the bigger picture – why I was created and my purpose on Earth. It brings such peace and order to my day.

Trisha Snyder
Flourish Flowers; East Earl, Pa.

I go to the gym with my husband and work out, even after a work day. Sometimes it’s hard going, but once I’m there, I feel a sense of accomplishment, plus I get to connect with my husband. In addition, breathing deeply and stretch-ing during the day, having quiet moments as well as fun moments, and doing meaningful things such as praying, being outside in nature, reading, photog-raphy, solving a crossword puzzle, donating to charities, and connecting with family and friends help me achieve balance, feed my spirit and rejuvenate myself.

Carolyn Conglis
Blooms ’n Boxes
Streamwood, Ill.

I really enjoy working out, not only for stress relief but also for strength and injury prevention. I read a ton to relax. I spend many evenings coaching young girls’ softball, which is rejuvenating for me. My teenage kids are into their own sports, and I love watch-ing them do their thing with my husband. My loving dog definitely calms me as well.

Tracy Bell
La Belle Fleur Floral Boutique
Surrey, BC, Canada

I used to be open six days a week, and on Sundays, I wrote wedding proposals, paid bills, invoiced customers, etc. After careful research, I decided to close on Mondays, too. We gave our customers a lot of notice and contacted the local funeral homes to let them know that if there is a funeral, we can get the work done. We also deliver on Mondays if a customer orders by Saturday. It was the best decision I have made, and enjoy my business more and take better care of my health.

Eva Hensley
Addie Jane Originals
Hallsville, Mo.

During the high-pressure wedding season, the best way I can care for my mental health is to know that the details are getting handled, which involves investing in ample staff and client management tools with workflow reminders. I hire a full team of workers to do the strikes and clean the studio and vehicles. This way, I can have a day off after the event, catch up on sleep, and start the next event cycle fresh.

Tobey Nelson
Tobey Nelson Events + Design
Whidbey Island, Wash.

W hen things get stressful, I go to my design bench, create something for myself – something that is not to be sold and not made with retail in mind. I toss three disparate items on my bench, set the clock and go!

Wil Gonzalez, AIFD
W/E Flowers; Ukiah, Calif.

I take my cat, Milo, to work with me every day. The customers love him and always look for him if he is not in the window. He is my love, and he keeps everyone happy.

Glenda Fowler
Lasting Impressions Flowers & Gifts; Chesapeake, Va.

As a new business owner, I find it hard to achieve work/life balance. A budding business that’s starting to be successful is like having an infant, and that will always be the case if I let it. I’ve started delegating to others and hiring help for that. It’s hard, though, because I know I’ll do it best, but I have to do it for my sanity and the success of my business. I also go to a yoga class at least once a week, get a monthly massage, and get bimonthly manicures and pedicures. The most important thing is not forgetting to eat and sleeping seven to eight hours a night.

Jessica Farrell
Royal Bee Florals & Events
Alhambra, Calif.

I get up early each morning to write in my journal about anything, or even draw or just scribble. I also listen to music. It’s an effort to get up early, but it lifts my spirit.

Kathleen Lyons
Kathleen Lyons Wedding Flowers
Weymouth, Mass.