Rio Roses Introduces Two New Yellow Rose Varieties

Rio roses is excited to introduce two new yellow rose varieties. Meet Rio Bumblebee and Rio Momentum. Rio Roses carefully selected each of these premium rose varieties to make a unique contribution to the diversity of their collection.

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We are delighted to introduce two new premium roses to our Rio Roses collection: Rio Bumblebee and Rio Momentum. We carefully selected each of these premium rose varieties to make a unique contribution to the diversity of our collection.

Our farms, situated in Ecuador and Colombia’s finest sub-tropical growing regions, focus on the most popular and in-demand varieties and color assortments. By conducting internal and external research, our farms can forecast trends and provide you with optimum products and varieties, like these two extraordinary new yellow standard roses.



The Meaning of the Yellow Rose
Yellow roses are commonly associated with happiness and cheer due to their bright and warm color. Known as the “friendship flower,” yellow roses are used to brighten the day of friends and relatives and to express appreciation and support. 

But it wasn’t always this way: yellow roses used to express jealousy! During Victorian times, bright yellow roses carried a potential message of infidelity or the end of a relationship. Nowadays, however, yellow roses express joy, optimism, and energy and have also been associated with spirituality, symbolizing wisdom and abundance.

There’s no better way to express gratitude and appreciation than with a yellow rose, which makes them an ideal rose for celebrating grandparents, teachers, and anyone who needs a bit of a pick-me-up!

To learn more about all our beautiful Rio Yellow Rose varieties, visit www.rioroses.com.

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