Handcrafted tatami armatures establish a structured vertical emphasis that supports a more organic garden-style design grouping.

Materials used: Straight willow reeds, bind wire, pocket vases, river rock, baptista, blush oriental lilies, ‘Princess Sakura’ garden roses (Alexandra Farms) allium, nodding onion flower

Step 1: Create tatami mats using straight willow reeds and bind wire. Cut a length of bind wire. (Double the length of the final desired mat) Cut an additional piece the same length as the first. Attach each bind wire at bottom and top of first piece of reed about 2 inches from ends; twisting twice counterclockwise. Add next piece of reed and attach at top and bottom using same method twisting the same counterclockwise direction. Rinse and repeat until you have created the mat at your desired length. Create a smaller tatami mat using the same technique but with shorter reeds.

Step 2: Place tatami mats onto pocket vases weaving them over the rim of the vessels. Add river rock and water to the vases.

Step 3: Insert baptista to both designs using the tatami mat armatures to help hold the stems in place. Place blush oriental lilies into arrangements to create dramatic visual weight. Add ‘Princess Sakura’ garden roses (Alexandra Farms) to each design.

Step 4: Finish the design with the addition of vibrant purple allium and dramatic nodding onion flower to create that pop of color that offsets the luscious garden roses and rustic elements.