CalFlowers introduces the eight individuals forming the inaugural Advisory Board for their “That Flower Feeling” initiative.

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That Flower Feeling Appoints Advisory Board Members

FALLBROOK, Ca. – CalFlowers introduces the eight individuals forming the inaugural Advisory Board for their “That Flower Feeling” initiative.

That Flower Feeling is a national floral marketing initiative established in 2021 by CalFlowers that is dedicated to increasing floral consumption across the US through a consumer direct marketing campaign that promotes the use of flowers in everyday self-care routines. The cooperative effort strives to make the experience of having fresh flowers a part of daily life, promoting the idea that even the most modest bouquet can have positive effects on one’s well- being. By capturing “that flower feeling,” the initiative seeks to spread the joy and impact of flowers on a regular basis, ultimately benefiting the entire floral industry by increasing demand for non-holiday sales.

With a mission to increase per-capita consumption of flowers in the United States, the initiative expanded its influence in 2023 by creating the TFF Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will assume a governing role of the foundation. The governing body will oversee three areas of importance within the foundation: finance, fundraising and consumer marketing.

Advisory Board delegates were carefully selected to ensure broad industry representation across all segments. From production to distribution to retail, the Advisory Board is tasked with leading a unified industry towards the goal of increasing American’s use and enjoyment of fresh cut flowers in their everyday lives.

The new Advisory Board consists of the following:

●David Armellini, Armellini Express – Logistics

David Armellini
David Armellini

●  Joey Azout, Alexandra Farms – Colombia

Joey Azout

●  Anna Rose Baca, Kendal Floral – Bouquet Supplier

Anna Rose

●  Chris Drummond, Penny’s by Plaza Florist – Retail

Chris Drummond

●  Oscar Fernandez, Rio Roses Oscar Fernandez – Miami Importers

Oscar Fernandez
Oscar Fernandez

●  Martin Meskers, Oregon Flowers – Domestic Grower

Martin Oregon Flowers
Martin Oregon Flowers

●  Karen Oie, Smithers Oasis – Hardgoods

Karen Oie
Karen Oie

●  Ben Powell, Mayesh Wholesale Florist – Wholesale


There are currently three open seats on the TFF Advisory Board. One seat for a mass market retailer, and two open seats for at large advisors.

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