Get inspired by the magical holiday ‘Winter Lights’ outdoor installation in Burnaby, Canada. A fabulous group of floral designers has been working hard to bring holiday floral magic to Burnaby.

A team of floral creatives created large scale eco structures that will be lit up at night. This amazing outdoor attraction will be open to the public through January at four city locations throughout the city.

Winter Lights 2022/2023 Christmas Installation

City of Burnaby EcoSculpture

Written by Hitomi Gilliam AIFD,CFD For Florists’ Review

large floral sculptures in the park
designers with the large owl

A Canadian municipality puts Botanical Art up front & center to kickstart the holiday season with ‘WINTER LIGHTS’ outdoor installations.  The City of Burnaby, the next door neighbor to Vancouver, has an amazing Eco-sculpture department that oversees planting of large scale figures for installation around the community.  For the holiday season, the sculptures become a design challenge for a team of creatives who add whimsical, seasonal details with an expansive palette of Christmas greens and woodland organics to capture the magic of the season.  Cedar, Pine, Fir, Hemlock, Carolina sapphire, Boxwood, Winterberry, Holly, Camellia, Eucalyptus, Oregonia, Magnolia, Red & Green Huck, Birch, Red Dogwood, Willow, Hazel, Moss, Lichen, Roots, Twigs, Tree trunk, Branches, Bark, and Cones, cones, cones….  Pods, Nuts, Berries and Seed clusters … beautifully scented texture on texture that the holidays are made of.  2 sets of Owl Family; 2 spectacular Horses; a Sleigh filled with gifts and a dog in the driver’s seat; a Carriage; a pair of Red Pandas as Pit Crew; and a Dragster driven by a Giraffe … will go out on public display for the month of November, December and January at 4 city locations.  They will be lit up beautifully at night. The creative team is led Burnaby staff – Avery Brown and Lindsay Doell, and assisted by consultants Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, Brenna Quan AIFD, Aniko Kovacs AIFD Emc, Yukari Mitsui AIFD Emc and Shirley Burns, with additional expert help from the City of Burnaby  Eco- sculpture department. Burnaby Crew:  Avery Brown, Lindsay Doell, Takenori Omiya, Rita Szekely, Anastasia Bocolas, Vicki Siu and Tracy Dixon. The installations are a big hit with the community, it is in its 3rd year.    The City of Burnaby loves to Celebrate the seasons with Botanical Artistry!! 

designer working on owl botanical structure
Hitomi and Brenna taking final look at the sculptures
floral designer team
working on horse sculpture