Source: Boerma Instituut®

The International Master Floristry (IMF) taught and certified by Gregor Lersch is the most comprehensive program available to deepen your floristic knowledge, gain high level technical skills, and to expand your creativity and innovation. It is the best opportunity to be mentored by the finest educator in the floral world today.

Master of all Master Florists

This International Master Florist Education is the highest level that the Boerma Instituut offers.

The growing of confidence, combined with blossoming ones own creativity and talent play an important role in the long road to achieving the status of an International Master Florist.

This course will delve deeper into all the corners of Floristry.

You can recognize Gregor Lersch’s style in many top-level Master Florists around the globe and for good reason: Gregor has been the teacher and mentor of many incredible florists over the last couple of decades.

This 20 day vocational education is fully taught by Gregor Lersch himself. It is split into two parts, one starting November 5th, 2022 and one starting March 20, 2023, with homework assignments in between. This course builds up towards the exam at the end of the course, which is judged by Gregor and two other highly qualified Master Florists. This means that the qualifications of this diploma are held to high standards and your craftmanship will be IMF certified by Gregor Lersch himself.

The first IMF graduates have past the exam in March this year. The judges were Gregor Lersch, Nicky Markslag and Nicu Bocancea.

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